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This topic is part of the manual Work with Genesys CX Insights Reports for version Current of Reporting.

This page describes reports in the CX Insights for iWD project, which is separate from the regular CX Insights project.

The CX Insights for iWD project Shared Reports folder contains just two folders: Custom and CX Insights for iWD. The CX Insights for iWD folder contains reports you can use to learn more about contact center interactions involving Genesys Info Mart and intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD).

Reports in the CX Insights for iWD folder are ready-to-use, but as always, can be modified to suit your specific business needs.

Historical reporting reports only on the two highest levels of the Cloud iWD Category structure, which correspond to Departments and Processes. These are added to historical reporting when the first interaction arrives. Subsequent Category name changes are not reported. Levels three and below do not appear in historical reports.
Genesys recommends that when you create or customize reports, observe the following rules, to minimize problems:
  • In any report, employ metrics and attributes from a single subfolder. Do not mix data from different subfolders.
  • Select one or more Time attributes in every report.


For more information about how to access historical reports, see Generate and use historical reports.

About iWD reports

General comments about the iWD reports

The information in this section can help you understand the CX Insights for iWD reports.


Averages in the reports that report 0 (zero) values indicate either 0 duration or 0 count. For example, Average Hold Time is calculated as: AverageHoldTime = Activity(HoldTime)/Activity(Hold) = 0. An average hold time of 0 could signify either that interactions were placed on hold for 0 seconds, or that no interactions were placed on hold at all during the reporting interval.

Comments on queues

The terms Queue, QueueType, and QueueTargetName appear in some reports but you can ignore them for activity related to iWD in Genesys Multicloud CX. Other terms that appear in reporting but that you can ignore are mentioned in the relevant report topic.

Viewing the day's activities

The accuracy of the reports for viewing the current day’s activities depends on when transformation and aggregation complete throughout a day and how soon you run the reports.

Other reports

Genesys Info Mart Queue reports are not supported in Genesys CX Insights for iWD.

Related topics

To view more detailed information about the metrics and attributes used in the reports, and about other metrics and attributes that you can use to customize reports, see the Genesys CX Insights Multicloud Projects Reference Guide.

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