Genesys Multicloud CX private edition services

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List of private edition services and their microservices.

The following table presents the list of Genesys Multicloud CX private edition services and their microservices.

ServiceIncluded Services

Billing Data Service

  • Billing Data Service

CX Contact

  • CX Contact API Aggregator
  • CX Contact Campaign Manager
  • CX Contact Compliance Manager
  • CX Contact Dial Manager
  • CX Contact Job Scheduler
  • CX Contact List Builder
  • CX Contact List Manager
  • CX Contact UI


  • Designer
  • Designer Application Server

Digital Channels

  • Digital Channels


Genesys Authentication

  • Authentication Service
  • Authentication UI
  • Environment Service

Genesys Customer Experience Insights

  • Genesys CX Insights
  • Reporting and Analytics Aggregates

Genesys Engagement Service

  • Genesys Engagement Service

Genesys Info Mart

  • GIM
  • GIM Config Adapter
  • GIM Stream Processor

Genesys Pulse

  • Pulse Web Service
  • Tenant Data Collection Unit (DCU)
  • Tenant Load Distribution Server (LDS)
  • Tenant Permissions Service

Genesys Voice Platform

  • Voice Platform Configuration Server
  • Voice Platform Media Control Platform
  • Voice Platform Reporting Server
  • Voice Platform Resource Manager
  • Voice Platform Service Discovery

Genesys Web Services and Applications

  • Agent Setup
  • GWS Configuration Service
  • GWS Data Collector Service
  • GWS Ingress
  • GWS Interaction Service
  • GWS OCS Service
  • GWS Provisioning Service
  • GWS Services
  • GWS Setting Service
  • GWS Statistics Service
  • GWS Voice Service
  • GWS Workspace Service
  • Web Services and Applications

Intelligent Workload Distribution

  • IWD
  • IWD DataMart

Interaction Server

IWD Data Mart

Telemetry Service

  • Telemetry Service

Tenant Service

  • Tenant Service

Universal Contact Service

  • UCSX

Voice Microservices

  • Agent State Service
  • Call State Service
  • Config Service
  • Dial Plan Service
  • FrontEnd Service
  • ORS
  • Voice Registrar Service
  • Voice RQ Service
  • Voice SIP Cluster Service
  • Voice SIP Proxy Service
  • Voicemail

WebRTC Media Service

  • WebRTC CoTurn Service
  • WebRTC Gateway Service

Workspace Web Edition

  • Workspace Web Edition