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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Engage Cloud Release Notes for version Current of Genesys Engage cloud Release Notes.

Not all releases or changes listed below may pertain to your deployment. Check the table below to see which releases apply to you.

Release DateSupported CloudHighlights
March 31, 2021
AWS.png Azure.png
Support for Genesys Engage cloud on Azure.

March 31, 2021 AWS.png Azure.png

    What's New

    • Starting with this release, Designer is available in Genesys Engage cloud on Azure. (DES-8909)
    • Designer now supports the Engage cloud Email solution (Azure-hosted only). (DES-10730)

      Resolved Issues

      • Designer now correctly preserves customizations made to callback audio resources. The previous release of Designer ( reverted these resources to the original audio, which could impact the caller experience if the Callback audio collection was published after upgrading to that version. (DES-11143)

        Prior Releases

        For information about prior releases of Designer, click here: Designer Release Notes