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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Engage Cloud Release Notes for version Current of Genesys Engage cloud Release Notes.

Not all releases or changes listed below may pertain to your deployment. Check the table below to see which releases apply to you.

Released onReleased forHighlights
June 17, 2021
AWS.png Azure.png
Invoking Dialogflow ES bots with events.
April 22, 2021
Ability to pass initial context to bots from the Bot block.
March 31, 2021
AWS.png Azure.png
Support for Genesys Engage cloud on Azure.

June 17, 2021 AWS.png Azure.png

    What's New

    • For Dialogflow ES bots, Designer now supports the use of Events to directly invoke intents without requiring user input. This enables bot re-entry use cases and context can be passed along with the Event. (DES-11637)
    • If a Dialogflow ES type bot is invoked by an Event, the name of the event is captured in Analytics by a new Session Detail Record property within bots[] called botevent. (DES-11638)
    • The Bot block has a new property for sending initial context values to the bot. This enables the bot to fill slots with attributes that are known before the interaction starts (for example, the customer's name and email address). With these slots already filled, the bot won't prompt the customer to provide them. Note: This release adds support for voice channels. This functionality was previously supported for chat only. (DES-11290)
    • The Terminate Call and Terminate blocks have a new option called Finalize this interaction that enables you to turn off finalizing or completing the interaction when it is terminated. If switched off, the Engage cloud email or workitem is sent back to the Universal Queue in Intelligent Workload Distribution (IWD). (DES-11701)
    • Designer contains a new media collection, Music On Hold, that enables you to specify the default audio that plays when callers are placed on hold. This feature requires that you contact your Genesys representative to request a one-time configuration change on the Genesys cloud platform. Note: This feature is not applicable to AWS-hosted deployments. (DES-10983)
    • The Chat Custom Message block now works with advanced chat. This block was previously supported only for legacy chat. (Custom messages are system messages that are received by the Widget but not displayed to chat participants.) (DES-9938)
    • Business Control blocks are now supported for Engage Cloud Email scenarios in Digital-type applications. (DES-11043)
    • The Bot block now supports the passing of context to DialogFlow ES bots for voice when the streaming audio option is enabled. (DES-11546)

      Resolved Issues

      • Secure variables used to query data tables are no longer captured in Analytics. (DES-11209)
      • The tabs on the Record block are now rendering correctly. Previously, the Advanced and Results tabs were not selectable, and all UI options that should appear on those two tabs were appearing under the Recording tab. Note: No additional action is required for this item. (DES-11196)
      • If a customer disconnects from a digital session, Designer now proceeds to the next block without waiting for the input timeout value specified in a User Input, Menu or Bot block to elapse. Previously, Designer would continue waiting for the disconnected customer to provide input and not proceed to the next block until the specified timeout period had elapsed. (DES-10381)
      • The Business Hours block no longer returns an incorrect time to open for checks made within one minute after the business has closed. Note: No additional action is required for this item. (DES-11602)
      • Designer no longer terminates long-running asynchronous chat interactions unexpectedly if a customer reconnects to the conversation. (DES-11547)
      • The Route Agent block no longer results in a System Error disposition if the routing target is specified by an undefined variable or does not have a valid value, which previously caused the application to jump to the Finalize phase. Designer now records a milestone about the invalid targeting value and moves to the next block instead of jumping to Finalize. (DES-11461)
      • The Route Call block's exit by navigation tab conditions now makes an additional check to confirm the call is not being routed to a target before it exits the block. Previously, completed checks did not catch the routing status reliably, and Designer could proceed to other parts of the application even though the call was being routed to an available agent. (DES-11410)
      • User Input blocks in post-processing or consult application sessions for chat will now wait to receive input that is provided after the block starts executing. Previously, under certain rare conditions, the block used buffered input that had been received before the customer was prompted for input. (DES-11497)
      • The QueryVQ block now works in Azure-hosted platforms. (DES-11035)
      • The Parallel Test Environment (PTE) feature now includes Routing Algorithms selected in Route blocks and will use the test versions when PTE is enabled for an application. (DES-11029)
      • The Debug block now captures variables with JSON values correctly. Previously, it captured these values at the end of the application rather than when the block executed. (DES-11008)
      • The Automated Message block now uses native APIs for Engage cloud Email.┬áIf an automated message was already sent by upstream processing, the block does not send another message. Instead, it captures a milestone to indicate a second message was skipped. (DES-10746)
      • Designer blocks now work correctly with field code names and values that contain special characters. Previously, these resulted in processing errors. (DES-10497)
      • The FlowEntryCount system variable no longer increments incorrectly when child interactions are created during the processing of an interaction. (DES-10492)
      • Designer now removes all digital endpoints when the Disconnect Phone Numbers & Chat EndPoint option is selected. Previously, Designer disconnected only one digital endpoint and left all other digital endpoints connected. (DES-10343)


        • Unless otherwise stated, this release requires additional actions to be taken before the new features or functionality will become available in your environment or applications. See Upgrade Notes for details.

          April 22, 2021 AWS.png

            What's New

            • If you are using an Amazon Lex or Google DialogFlow bot, the Bot block has a new property for sending initial context values to the bot. This enables the bot to fill slots with attributes that are known before the interaction starts (for example, the customer's name and email address). With these slots already filled, the bot won't prompt the customer to provide them. Note: For this release, this functionality is supported for chat interactions only.
            • The following new management tools are available under Digital Resources:
              • PII Rules Management enables you to protect the private information of your customers by assigning privacy rules and actions to incoming chat messages.
              • Standard Responses Management enables you to create and manage standard responses in Designer. The related Field Code Management and Custom Variables Management tools enable you to manage these aspects of standard responses.
            • Designer now gracefully handles TTS errors in Play Message blocks. If a prompt fails, Designer skips the prompt and continues processing the application. This event is then captured by Analytics as a recoverable error in the milestones of the Session Detail Record (SDR). (DES-11218)

              Resolved Issues

              • Designer no longer displays a System Error if a milestone, whether in the standalone Milestone block or embedded in another block, such as Menu or Segmentation, specifies a payload that contains a key/value pair with an empty (unspecified) key. (DES-11347)
              • When a Send Chat Transcript block is used in a Self Service or Assisted Service module, Designer now correctly displays the media resources in the Select a Message pop-up dialog. Previously, the media resources were not displayed in this dialog, even if a media collection was selected in the module settings. (DES-11311)
              • Session Detail Records now correctly appear in Designer Analytics when Debug and Callback blocks are both being used and a call is placed on a non-Live stream (i.e. Dev, QA, or UAT). (DES-11310)
              • Chat and email sessions that completed successfully will now display their dispositions correctly in Designer Analytics. Previously, in very rare cases, these sessions incorrectly displayed a disposition of System Error. (DES-10585)

                Known Issues

                • Previously, when idling while editing a locked resource (application, shared module, audio collection, or data table), a pop-up dialog containing the message "Your editing session has expired, the resource has been closed and is no longer locked for editing" would be displayed. Now, rather than a pop-up dialog, an error message saying "Disconnected from Designer" is shown instead. This is purely a visual issue with displaying the error message, and is not a functional issue. (DES-11187)
                • In the Record block, the Advanced and Results tabs are currently not selectable. Instead, all of the UI options that should appear on those two tabs now appear on the Recording tab. (DES-11366)
                • If you are using a Route Call block in an Application or Assisted Service module, and the Route Call block contains a Self Service module as a busy treatment, the variable names in the Application or Assisted Service module must not match any of the variable names in the Shared Module. Otherwise, the values of these variables in the Application or Assisted Service module may be overwritten. Workaround: In Applications or Assisted Service modules, avoid using variables that have the same names as variables in the Self Service module being used as a busy treatment. (DES-11372)

                  March 31, 2021 AWS.png Azure.png

                    What's New

                    • Starting with this release, Designer is available in Genesys Engage cloud on Azure. (DES-8909)
                    • Designer now supports the Engage cloud Email solution (Azure-hosted only). (DES-10730)

                      Resolved Issues

                      • Designer now correctly preserves customizations made to callback audio resources. The previous release of Designer ( reverted these resources to the original audio, which could impact the caller experience if the Callback audio collection was published after upgrading to that version. (DES-11143)

                        Prior Releases

                        For information about prior releases of Designer, see Designer Release Notes.