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Not all releases or changes listed below may pertain to your deployment. Check the table below to see which releases apply to you.

The Release table lists the initial availability date for each release and the deployment environments for which a release is made available. Except when otherwise stated in the description for a specific release, each release includes all of the features and resolved issues that were introduced on earlier dates, regardless of the deployment environment. The features and resolved issues that apply only to a specific deployment environment are noted as such.
Available Genesys CX on Private edition Highlights Release
June 20, 2022


  • Resolved Issues
April 29, 2022


  • Support for Microsoft Edge Chromium browser
  • Resolved Issues
March 29, 2022 AWS.png
  • Support for Microsoft Edge Chromium browser
  • Resolved Issue
March 22, 2022


  • Issues encountered while creating a questionnaire, as part of an evaluation, are now resolved.
March 17, 2022


  • Support for processing of digital chat interactions
February 18, 2022 AWS.png
  • Recording playback issue resolved
  • Log out of SpeechMiner with SSO enabled
February 3, 2022


  • Web UI configurable based on the browser language
January 6, 2022 AWS.png
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO)
December 21, 2021


  • Multi-region support for screen recordings
  • Export of screen recordings metadata to Azure Blob for download
  • Interaction extract using the password
  • Support for cross-site domain IdP
  • Latency issue in SpeechMiner reduced
December 8, 2021


  • Multi-region support for voice recordings
  • Export of voice recordings metadata to Azure Blob for download
  • Security enhancements
November 17, 2021


  • Support for voice recording
  • Support for voice QM
  • Support for speech analytics
  • Encryption with secure storage of certificates in Azure HSM Key Vault
  • Single Sign On for SpeechMiner
  • Support for SSRS reports
  • Interaction transcription export
  • QM & GIA exports
  • Security enhancements
May 7, 2021 AWS.png 8.5.510.42

June 20, 2022Azure.png

Resolved Issues

  • When exporting the performance profile report to PDF, the generated PDF no longer includes any blank pages. Previously, the PDF included blank pages. (WFOAZURE-1440)

  • When processing the interactions, Fetcher now decodes the encoded characters in the workgroup correctly. (WFOAZURE-1191)

  • SpeechMiner now calculates the form score correctly, even if only the free form question is answered within a specific group. Previously, if there were two question groups within a form and only the free form question within a group was answered, the form score was not calculated correctly. (WFOAZURE-1101)

  • The Choose from list questionnaire in the form now shows the scores correctly based on your selection. Previously, during an evaluation session, when you evaluated the Choose from list questionnaire, the SpeechMiner UI didn’t show the score correctly. (WFOAZURE-1090)

Known Issues

  • In the Reports menu, Interactions Filter displays the unsupported interaction types such as email, Facebook, and Twitter. No results would be returned for these interaction types. (WFOAZURE-1679)

April 29, 2022Azure.png

What's New

  • SpeechMiner now supports the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. (WFOAZURE-1321)

Resolved Issues

  • SpeechMiner now displays the duration for digital chat interactions correctly in the Duration column. (WFOAZURE-1139)

  • For a digital chat interaction, SpeechMiner now displays:

    • Only agents and supervisors in the Agent column
    • Workgroups of the agent, supervisor, and bot in the Workgroup column (WFOAZURE-1145)

March 29, 2022AWS.png

What's New

  • SpeechMiner now supports the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. (PRSM-28766)

Resolved Issues

  • As part of Quality Management (QM) evaluation, when you submit an evaluation with only free form questions answered within a specific group, the form score is now calculated correctly. Previously, when only the free form questions were answered in the QM form, the group score was not calculated properly, which caused the form and evaluation session to be scored incorrectly. (PRSM-28732)

March 22, 2022Azure.png

Resolved Issues

  • As part of the evaluation, all options under the Multiple Choice and Choose from List question types are now displayed. Previously, only one option was displayed under these question types. (WFOAZURE-1092)

  • The Complete button is now enabled when all the required questions are answered as part of the evaluation. (WFOAZURE-1089)

  • As part of the evaluation, selecting a radio button now selects only one option. Previously, all options were selected. (WFOAZURE-1088)

March 17, 2022Azure.png

What's New

Resolved Issues

  • You can now select an evaluation session by selecting the check box corresponding to that session. Previously, there was an issue in selecting the check box. (WFOAZURE-680)

  • The interactions search now returns all the records matching the search criteria and does not default to a limit of 10,000 records. Previously, with upgrade to Elasticsearch 7, the interactions search result was limited to 10,000 records, even if the search criteria had more than 10,000 interactions. (WFOAZURE-949)

February 18, 2022AWS.png

Resolved Issues

  • If a recording has multiple segments and the segment ID is different from the recording ID, SpeechMiner will now be able to play back the recording. Previously, SpeechMiner did not play back the recording if the segment ID was different from the recording ID. (PRSM-28674)

  • You can now log out from SpeechMiner when SSO is enabled. Previously, logging out from SpeechMiner would direct you to Genesys Hub. While the session remained active, opening SpeechMiner/Recording didn't require you to log in again. (PRSM-28668)

Known Issues

  • When SSO is enabled, and you log in to SpeechMiner, you might rarely experience a bad URL that leads to timeout. This occurs when the session is invalidated, the cause for which is still unknown. As a workaround, clear the cache, close the browser, and re-login to SpeechMiner. (PRSM-28667)

February 03, 2022Azure.png

What's New

  • SpeechMiner now displays the web UI in a language that you selected in the browser. If you select an unsupported language in the browser, the web UI defaults to en-US. (PRSM-28656)

January 06, 2022AWS.png

What's New

  • The SpeechMiner UI now supports Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO identity authentication enables your users to securely access multiple Genesys applications with a single authentication process. SSO is provisioned for a tenant as a whole and for it to work as expected, the tenant should make a request to Genesys to enable the feature. For more information on Single Sign-On, refer to

    To search and playback a recording file, the user must be assigned the role Agent in Agent Setup, in addition to the user being assigned to the appropriate Access Groups. If the user wants to access the recordings of other users, that user must be assigned the role of an admin or a supervisor in Agent Setup.
    More info:

Resolved Issues

  • Both SMART and SMConfig login now work with Genesys authentication, after enabling SSO. (PRSM-28397)

December 21, 2021Azure.png

What's New

  • Supports screen recordings in both primary and secondary regions. You can use the SpeechMiner UI of the primary region to play back the recordings from both regions. (WFOAZURE-640)

  • Screen recordings metadata is now exported to Azure Blob for download. You can access and export the call events associated with an interaction and also find other interactions. (WFOAZURE-410)

Resolved Issues

  • Interactions that are exported to a ZIP file can now be extracted using the password set during the export operations. (WFOAZURE-702)

  • SpeechMiner now supports cross-site domain Identity Providers (IdP). You can log into SpeechMiner via SSO, when an external IdP is used. (WFOAZURE-744)

  • The latency observed while searching for a SpeechMiner interaction is now reduced. (WFOAZURE-716)

December 08, 2021Azure.png

What's New

  • Supports voice recordings in both primary and secondary regions. You can use the SpeechMiner UI of the primary region to play back the recordings from both regions. (WFOAZURE-316)

  • Voice recordings metadata is now exported to Azure Blob for download. You can access and export the call events associated with an interaction and also find other interactions. (WFOAZURE-410)

  • Includes security enhancements.

November 17, 2021Azure.png

What's New

  • Support for voice recording. It provides cradle to grave dual channel voice recording for customer-ivr and customer-agent conversations as they occur within the Genesys Multicloud CX Contact Center.

  • Support for Speech Analytics. It provides automated speech analytics capabilities on all recorded customer-agent interactions to provide deep insight into these conversations. (GIR-30657)

  • Support for Quality Management (QM). QM enables you to monitor quality and evaluate agent performance on a periodic and consistent basis while minimizing effort through automated interaction selection to improve customer experience and engage with your staff. (GIR-30657)

  • SpeechMiner UI now supports Single Sign On. (GIR-30657)

  • You can store certificates in Azure Key Vault with HSM (hardware security module) protection. (WFOAZURE-381)

  • Support for SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports. You can use the reports to create a summary and analyses of interaction, speech, and external metadata. (WFOAZURE-233)

  • You can export the Quality Management report of the interactions and the interaction transcripts. (DB-3808)

  • Includes security enhancements.

May 07, 2021AWS.png

What's New

  • The Last 2 Days and Last 3 Days pre-configured date ranges were added to the SpeechMiner UI Date Range filter. (PRSM-27714)

  • Updated: Aug 10, 2021 - SpeechMiner UI no longer supports Single Sign-On because it does not function as expected. It will be made available in a future release. (PRSM-27541)

Resolved Issues

  • SpeechMiner UI text strings appear in the correct language. Previously, the text strings periodically appeared in the wrong language. (PRSM-27634)

  • When searching for expired evaluation sessions, the Creation Date filter now works as expected. (PRSM-26861)

  • Keys in the interaction metadata that have the same name, but are not in the same case, will no longer be considered the same key. (PRSM-28108)

Known Issues

  • The SpeechMiner UI may display placeholder text instead of the appropriate localized text string. Workaround: Refresh the browser to display the correct text. (PRSM-28102)

  • When working with Internet Explorer, existing subjects are not shown in the Forward Interactions auto-complete list. (PRSM-28117)

  • When working with Internet Explorer, existing report names are not shown in the Compare Searches auto-complete list. (PRSM-28120)

  • Screen Recordings are truncated by a few seconds when the playback starts. When working with Internet Explorer, this issue occurs when the first few seconds of the screen recording is skipped. (PRSM-28121)

  • After renaming a saved SpeechMiner dashboard, the previous name is displayed until the user logs out and in again. (PRSM-28123)

  • The online help for the Date Filter options does not include descriptions for the Last Work Day, Last 2 Days, and Last 3 Days filter options. (PRSM-28181)

Prior Releases

For information about prior releases, see Recording, QM and Interaction Analytics.