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Not all releases or changes listed below may pertain to your deployment. Check the table below to see which releases apply to you.

The Release table lists the initial availability date for each release and the deployment environments for which a release is made available. Except when otherwise stated in the description for a specific release, each release includes all of the features and resolved issues that were introduced on earlier dates, regardless of the deployment environment. The features and resolved issues that apply only to a specific deployment environment are noted as such.
Available Genesys CX on Private edition Highlights Release
AWS Azure
January 5, 2024 AWS.png


Support for partitioned cookies. 8.5.371.30
October 19, 2023 AWS.png


Resolved issue. 8.5.371.21
September 27, 2023 AWS.png


Resolved issue. 8.5.371.19
April 13, 2023 AWS.png


Resolved issue. 8.5.371.15
May 7, 2022 AWS.png


Support for Windows Server 2019 8.5.371.13
November 16, 2021 AWS.png


Security improvements. 8.5.370.99
July 7, 2021 AWS.png Compatibility and performance improvements. 8.5.370.95

January 05, 2024AWS.png Azure.png

What's New

  • A new configuration parameter, partitionedCookies, is added to Screen Recording Service. This parameter adds partitioned cookie to support the upcoming updates to Google Chrome browser related to sharing of third-party cookies. The following options are supported:

    • 0 – disabled (never add the Partitioned cookie attribute)
    • 1 – enabled (always add the Partitioned cookie attribute)
    • 2 – auto (enable the Partitioned cookie attribute conditionally when Chromium version requires it; this is the default)
      • If Chrome/Edge version is 118 or higher, partitionedCookies will be enabled.
      • If Chrome/Edge version is lower than 118, partitionedCookies will be disabled.
      • For Firefox, partitionedCookies will be enabled for all versions. (GIR-33082)

October 19, 2023AWS.png Azure.png

Resolved Issues

  • SRS will no longer load the uuid.dll Dynamic Link Library file. (GIR-32494)

September 27, 2023AWS.png Azure.png

Resolved Issues

  • Setting the grayScale parameter in screen-recording-client to true records the screen in gray scale instead of color. Previously, the grayScale parameter was not working as expected. (GIR-32945)

April 13, 2023AWS.png Azure.png

Resolved Issues

  • This release includes additional error handling to address an issue in parsing the Japanese output of the netstat command. Previously, there was an issue when the SR Service parsed the output from the netstat command if the language of the host windows machine was set to Japanese. (GIR-32405)

May 07, 2022AWS.png Azure.png

What's New

  • Screen Recording Service now supports Windows Server 2019.

  • Screen Recording Service now supports the new Access-Control-Allow-Private-Network header required by the Google Chrome Private Network Access (PNA) Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policy. (GIR-31869)

November 16, 2021AWS.png Azure.png

What's New

  • This release includes security improvements.

  • As of Jan 13, 2022, Screen Recording Service is available for Genesys Multicloud CX on Azure.

July 07, 2021AWS.png

What's New

  • This release includes compatibility and performance improvements.

    This version was originally released on June 10, 2021.

Prior Releases

For information about prior releases, see Screen Recording Service.

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