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Find the content you need for Genesys Multicloud CX and cloud private edition. (On-premises users, find content here.)

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User roles



As an administrator, you are the architect and overseer of the resources that run your contact center. You can create users, set up switches, voicemail, interaction routing, outbound calling campaigns and manage call recording. You can also monitor how your contact center performs using real-time and historical reporting and Workforce Management.


Agents are the front line of the contact center. You communicate with customers and fellow team members through various channels, such as voice calls, chat, and email. You can be assigned to specific channels, consult with team members, and help customers by providing standard responses to their questions.


A developer creates web and desktop applications that connect to Genesys resources. They use Genesys web APIs, client libraries and JavaScript APIs to build applications that meet custom business needs. As a developer, you can enable co-browse on your website, provide chat capabilities, create your own agent desktop, provision your contact center, manage callbacks, submit workitems from third-party systems, read statistics and manage outbound campaigns.


A supervisor manages agents. For example, they can create agents, assign them skills, and then monitor, coach, and, when necessary, barges in on conversations and interactions to provide further assistance or to evaluate an agent’s performance. As a supervisor, you can also be tasked with other important aspects of contact center operations, such as workforce management, monitoring real-time reporting, and generating reports for managers.


Workspace About
Workspace About
Chat Genesys Multicloud CX chat incorporates chat interactions into your customers’ overall engagement history, routing them to the agents whose expertise best matches their needs.
Co-Browse Co-browse lets your agents view and control your customers' browser windows.
Digital Channels Digital Channels powers your customer interactions across channels such as chat, SMS, messaging and social media. It provides a platform that enables you to grow sales, create more targeted marketing campaigns, and deliver exceptional customer service. The Digital Channels service processes, manages and archives customer and agent interactions across media.
Email Genesys Multicloud CX email incorporates email interactions into your customers’ overall engagement history, routing them to the agents whose expertise best matches their needs.
Voice Incorporates voice interactions into your customers’ overall engagement history, routing them to the agents whose expertise best matches their needs.

Applications & Services

Workspace About
Workspace About
Agent Desktop Agent Desktop lets contact center agents communicate with customers and team members through phone calls and Genesys Digital channels.
Agent Setup Agent Setup enables you to manage your cloud-based contact center and your agent accounts for applications such as Agent Desktop and Gplus Adapter for Salesforce Lightning.
Billing Data Service Provides the data required for the Genesys financial organization to bill customers for subscription services.
Callback Genesys Callback, which takes its name from the most typical form of deferred voice connection, supports a range of callback scenarios, including the classic callback offered by an IVR as well as call-ins that your customers initiate from your mobile app.
Cloud Data Download Service Genesys Multicloud CX Data Download Service can securely export and download your contact center data.
Designer Designer is a web-based tool for developing self-service (IVR) and assisted service (routing) applications that run on the Genesys Multicloud CX platform. It is an omnichannel solution, enabling you to craft applications that handle voice, chat, and email interactions.
Digital Channels Digital Channels powers your customer interactions across chat and SMS. It provides a platform that enables you to grow sales, create more targeted marketing campaigns, and deliver exceptional customer service. The Digital Channels service processes, manages and archives customer and agent interactions across media.
eServices Manager The eServices Manager Plug-in gives you the tools to respond to incoming interactions using pre-written Standard Responses. You can also customize the Standard Responses using Field Codes to add a personal touch and create Screening Rules in order to screen interactions for specific words or phrases, which you can then use to decide how to handle the interaction.
Genesys Agent Assist Genesys Agent Assist provides real-time transcription of a customer call, along with suggested responses which get updated automatically based on the context of the conversation. Recommendations include FAQ suggestions making agents more productive, efficient, knowledgeable and improving the overall customer experience.
Genesys Authentication Genesys Authentication provides authentication capabilities for Genesys Multicloud CX private edition services and applications. Genesys Authentication is based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework, with support for OpenID Connect.
Genesys Data Layer Genesys Data Layer (GDL) is an infrastructure component for building data pipelines to transfer data among applications. GDL is built on the Apache Kafka distributed data pipeline and streaming platform.
Genesys Dialog Engine Genesys Dialog Engine allows you to create bots for your products through a natural language understanding (NLU) engine that can understand and process information provided as input.
Genesys Docker Documentation Genesys products are built and deployed with modern development principles and technologies such as Microservices, Docker, DevOps, and Automation. This section contains information on Genesys-specific Docker Documentation.
Genesys Multicloud CX Deliver competitively superior customer experiences and digital transformation at any scale.
Genesys Multicloud CX Private Edition Genesys Multicloud CX private edition is a microservices-based contact center offering that adopts containerization technology for all of its services. These services are cloud-native and portable, meaning that the Genesys Multicloud CX private edition software offers the same set of features whether it is deployed on public or private clouds, on virtual machines, or on your own physical servers.
Genesys Multicloud CX Release Notes Find the latest release notes for Genesys Multicloud CX and cloud private edition: what's new, what's changed, in features, functionality, and cloud infrastructure for private edition.
Genesys Predictive Engagement Genesys Predictive Engagement (formerly known as Altocloud) is a real-time journey analytics platform that can observe and analyze visitors on your digital properties, such as websites. Predictive Engagement can predict the real-time probability of visitors achieving a desirable business outcome, and then act to offer the most appropriate and effective channel to assist them in completing their journey. Predictive Engagement offers service from the cloud and is compatible with Genesys Cloud CX, PureConnect, and Genesys Multicloud CX platforms. Customers running a Genesys premises-based solution can integrate with Predictive Engagement as a cloud service in a hybrid-based architecture.
Genesys Predictive Routing Predictive Routing enables you to use AI to engage customers and predict the best resource for an optimal outcome, report on results, evaluate how well your resources drive desired business outcomes, and use your findings to update the predictive model for retraining and optimize your strategy.
Genesys Recording, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics The Genesys Recording, QM, and Speech Analytics solution analyzes recorded customer interactions, identifies the topics that were discussed and categorizes the contents of each interaction. Using the SpeechMiner UI, the solution leverages this information for review and analysis of critical business issues.
Genesys Softphone Genesys Softphone is an application that enables your computer and phone or headset to connect to the public phone system.
Genesys Voice Platform Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) is a software-only, standards-based voice portal that provides cost-effective customer interactions, 24x7, for businesses using voice, video, the web, and the cloud.
Gplus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gplus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides integrated management of communication channels within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
Gplus Adapter for Salesforce Gplus Adapter for Salesforce enables the integration of Workspace Agent Desktop within the Salesforce environment to handle Genesys contact center interactions. The integrated solution presents a complete customer view allowing your contact center agents to service your customers. It supports Salesforce Click-to-dial, Screen Pops, and Activity History.
Gplus Adapter for ServiceNow Gplus Adapter for ServiceNow provides integrated management of communication channels within the ServiceNow CRM.
Intelligent Workload Distribution IWD lets you capture work items, emails , and leads ("work items") from existing enterprise workflow systems and create, monitor and manage a single Universal Queue for your contact center, sorted on business value and prioritized to ensure that the most critical or highest-value work items are distributed to the right resource at the right time, regardless of media type, system or location.
Interaction Server
IVR Administration Interactive Voice Response (IVR) assists in resolving your customers' issues when they call into your company. Your customer and the IVR interact with one another to drill-down on what the customer wants to do and, ideally, the IVR resolves the issue without having to transfer the call to an agent.
nGAGEMENT nGAGEMENT is a cloud-based performance management and employee engagement solution that gamifies your contact center.
Outbound (CX Contact) Proactively engage with customers across multiple channels to manage expectations and keep them informed throughout their journeys.
Platform Administration Most of the functionality in the Platform Administration application has moved to Agent Setup, which offers a superior user interface and new functionality. A few functions remain available only in Platform Administration.
Reporting To help administrators and the Team Leads who supervise agents make informed, timely business decisions, Genesys Multicloud CX offers both real-time dashboard views and historical operational performance reports.
Routing Routing in Genesys Multicloud CX is an omnichannel solution that enables you to craft applications that handle voice, chat, email, workitem and social media interactions.
Solutions Find high-level overviews describing Genesys offerings.
System-Level Documentation Genesys system-level guides provide system-level reference information about the Genesys operating environment, supported media interfaces, product availability, interoperability, licensing, hardware sizing, database sizing, and migration.
Telemetry Service The Telemetry Service is designed to act as an observability gateway to gather telemetry data, metrics, and logs for Genesys Multicloud software that has services running outside the data center and out of range of the Cloud Observability framework like Agent Desktop, Genesys Softphone, etc.
Universal Contact Service Universal Contact Service (UCS) is a highly scalable, available and serviceable cloud service built using PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch.
Voice Microservices Voice Microservices is an application cluster that provides functionality such as handling incoming voice (SIP) interactions, routing voice and digital (IXN) interactions, support for outbound interactions, events streaming for reporting, and support for agents across regions. The Voice Tenant Service is included with the Voice Microservices and is a core service of the Genesys Multicloud CX platform that serves as an application layer between front-end Genesys Multicloud CX solutions and shared back-end core services in a region.
Voicemail Voicemail management gives you control over Users and User Groups, DNs, Settings, Mailboxes, Greetings, and Voicemail Profiles.
Web Services and Applications TBD
WebRTC Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) Media Service is a real time communication over the internet that enables agent to connect into Genesys contact center environment to perform their business operations.
Widgets Genesys Widgets is a collection of lightweight and configurable web apps, optimized for mobile browsers, that you can embed in your website to easily engage with customers and provide personalized experiences over digital channels, like chat.
Workforce Management Genesys Workforce Management provides a sophisticated set of management tools so you can better manage your contact center workforce while still delivering top service to your customers. It allows you to easily manage your agents, schedules, and forecasts, and provides real-time monitoring of contact center performance and agent-adherence.

Genesys Multicloud CX use cases

Workspace About
Workspace About
Genesys Work and Lead Distribution (BO02) Optimizing work distribution across the enterprise to deliver all promises on time
Genesys Predictive Routing for Customer Service (BO06) Place CX and agent efficiency at the center of your routing decisions using AI to match each customer interaction with the best agent
Genesys Call Routing (CE01) Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource
Genesys Callback (CE03) Offer callback to queuing callers
Genesys Customer Authentication (CE07) Identify and verify customers in your IVR
Genesys Voice Payment (CE08) Capture payments in your IVR
Genesys Outbound Dialer (CE11) Improve customer communications and increase sales conversion using powerful dialer capabilities
Genesys SMS Notification (CE12) Use SMS to notify customers
Genesys Omnichannel Notifications (CE13) Use multiple channels to notify customers
Genesys Email Routing (CE16) Route email interactions to the best skilled resource
Genesys Chat Routing (CE18) Route chat interactions to the best skilled resource
Genesys Social Media Routing (CE19) Engage with your customers through social channels
Genesys Digital Callback (CE22) Enable customers to request a callback from your website or app
Genesys Co-browse (CE27) Extend voice or chat interactions with co-browse
Genesys Knowledge Management (CE28) Offer FAQs to customers and a knowledge library to employees
Genesys SMS Routing (CE29) Route SMS interactions to the best resource
Genesys Chatbots (CE31) Use chatbots to automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to a live agent when needed.
Genesys Messaging (CE34) Offer a powerful new way for customers to connect with you directly in Messages
Genesys Predictive Engagement (CE37) Use AI powered journey analytics to observe website activity, predict visitor outcomes, and proactively engage with prospects and customers via agent-assisted chat, content offer or chatbot.
Genesys Voicebots (CE41) Use voicebots to automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to an agent if needed.
Genesys Personalized Routing with Callback (CE43) Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource with personalization and callback option
Genesys Training and Activity Scheduling (EE12) Manage training, coaching and offline activities scheduling across the workforce
Genesys IVR Recording (EE21) Record the entire IVR interaction
Genesys Back-office Scheduling (EE26) Optimize utilization for back-office and task-based workers
Genesys WFM Third-Party Integration (EE27) Enable bi-directional Integration of WFM with 3rd party systems
Genesys Task-based Scheduling (EE28) Control the scheduling of the sequence of task agents work on
Genesys Predictive Routing for Sales (SL06) Place revenue generation at the center of your routing decisions by using AI to match each customer opportunity with the best agent
Genesys Forecasting and Scheduling (WF01) Optimize employee utilization and operational effectiveness by forecasting and scheduling for all omnichannel interactions while empowering staff through various scheduling techniques and empower employees with self-administration of their schedule.
Genesys Interaction Analytics (WF02) Achieve deeper operational insights with speech and text analytics improving agent and customer experiences while enforcing compliance and legal responsibilities.
Genesys Speech Analytics (WF03) Gain basic insight into voice interactions using speech analytics
Genesys Interaction Recording (WF04) Record all interactions to improve training, compliance and efficiency.
Genesys Voice and Screen Recording (WF05) Record voice and screen interactions
Genesys Quality Management (WF06) Improve employee performance with quality management

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