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Find the content you need for Genesys Multicloud CX and cloud private edition. (On-premises users, find content here.)

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Workspace About
Workspace About
Genesys Data Layer Genesys Data Layer (GDL) is an infrastructure component for building data pipelines to transfer data among applications. GDL is built on the Apache Kafka distributed data pipeline and streaming platform.
Genesys Dialog Engine Genesys Dialog Engine allows you to create bots for your products through a natural language understanding (NLU) engine that can understand and process information provided as input.
Genesys Predictive Engagement Genesys Predictive Engagement (formerly known as Altocloud) is a real-time journey analytics platform that can observe and analyze visitors on your digital properties, such as websites. Predictive Engagement can predict the real-time probability of visitors achieving a desirable business outcome, and then act to offer the most appropriate and effective channel to assist them in completing their journey. Predictive Engagement offers service from the cloud and is compatible with Genesys Cloud CX, PureConnect, and Genesys Multicloud CX platforms. Customers running a Genesys premises-based solution can integrate with Predictive Engagement as a cloud service in a hybrid-based architecture.
nGAGEMENT nGAGEMENT is a cloud-based performance management and employee engagement solution that gamifies your contact center.
Solutions Find high-level overviews describing Genesys offerings.
Widgets Genesys Widgets is a collection of lightweight and configurable web apps, optimized for mobile browsers, that you can embed in your website to easily engage with customers and provide personalized experiences over digital channels, like chat.

Genesys Multicloud CX use cases

Workspace About
Workspace About
Genesys Work and Lead Distribution (BO02) Optimizing work distribution across the enterprise to deliver all promises on time
Genesys Predictive Routing for Customer Service (BO06) Place CX and agent efficiency at the center of your routing decisions using AI to match each customer interaction with the best agent
Genesys Call Routing (CE01) Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource
Genesys Callback (CE03) Offer callback to queuing callers
Genesys Customer Authentication (CE07) Identify and verify customers in your IVR
Genesys Voice Payment (CE08) Capture payments in your IVR
Genesys Outbound Dialer (CE11) Improve customer communications and increase sales conversion using powerful dialer capabilities
Genesys SMS Notification (CE12) Use SMS to notify customers
Genesys Omnichannel Notifications (CE13) Use multiple channels to notify customers
Genesys Email Routing (CE16) Route email interactions to the best skilled resource
Genesys Chat Routing (CE18) Route chat interactions to the best skilled resource
Genesys Social Media Routing (CE19) Engage with your customers through social channels
Genesys Digital Callback (CE22) Enable customers to request a callback from your website or app
Genesys Co-browse (CE27) Extend voice or chat interactions with co-browse
Genesys Knowledge Management (CE28) Offer FAQs to customers and a knowledge library to employees
Genesys SMS Routing (CE29) Route SMS interactions to the best resource
Genesys Chatbots (CE31) Use chatbots to automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to a live agent when needed.
Genesys Messaging (CE34) Offer a powerful new way for customers to connect with you directly in Messages
Genesys Predictive Engagement (CE37) Use AI powered journey analytics to observe website activity, predict visitor outcomes, and proactively engage with prospects and customers via agent-assisted chat, content offer or chatbot.
Genesys Voicebots (CE41) Use voicebots to automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to an agent if needed.
Genesys Personalized Routing with Callback (CE43) Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource with personalization and callback option
Genesys Training and Activity Scheduling (EE12) Manage training, coaching and offline activities scheduling across the workforce
Genesys IVR Recording (EE21) Record the entire IVR interaction
Genesys WFM Third-Party Integration (EE27) Enable bi-directional Integration of WFM with 3rd party systems
Genesys Task-based Scheduling (EE28) Control the scheduling of the sequence of task agents work on
Genesys Predictive Routing for Sales (SL06) Place revenue generation at the center of your routing decisions by using AI to match each customer opportunity with the best agent
Genesys Forecasting and Scheduling (WF01) Optimize employee utilization and operational effectiveness by forecasting and scheduling for all omnichannel interactions while empowering staff through various scheduling techniques and empower employees with self-administration of their schedule.
Genesys Interaction Analytics (WF02) Achieve deeper operational insights with speech and text analytics improving agent and customer experiences while enforcing compliance and legal responsibilities.
Genesys Speech Analytics (WF03) Gain basic insight into voice interactions using speech analytics
Genesys Interaction Recording (WF04) Record all interactions to improve training, compliance and efficiency.
Genesys Voice and Screen Recording (WF05) Record voice and screen interactions
Genesys Quality Management (WF06) Improve employee performance with quality management

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