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Find How It Works and Getting Started articles for the various Genesys Multicloud CX applications and features.

Agent Setup

Use Agent Setup to manage the controls and settings that run the contact center and enable the users within it to handle and manage interactions.

Agent Workspace

The Agent Workspace lets contact center agents and supervisors communicate with customers and team members through phone calls and Outbound Campaigns and Genesys Digital channels, such as chat, email, social media, SMS, WhatsApp, and workitems.


Businesses sometimes cannot offer on-demand, low-wait agent help because of resource limitations or increased service usage. In these situations, the best option is to offer some form of deferred service that can connect consumers and agents later, at a mutually-beneficial time. That deferred service is called callback.


Chat incorporates chat interactions into your customers’ overall engagement history, routing them to the agents whose expertise best matches their needs.

Cloud Data Download Service

Cloud Data Download Service (CDDS) enables you to securely export and download your contact center data.


Here are some of the main features of Co-browse:
  • The agent and the customer can browse and navigate the same web page, at the same time.
  • Browsing always happens on the customer side, and both the agent and the customer can take control of the session.
  • Co-browse sessions begin in Pointer Mode where the agent cannot enter information or navigate for the customer.
  • The agent can send the customer a request to enter Write Mode where the agent can enter information for the customer.
  • Sensitive data can be hidden and control of elements (buttons, check boxes, and so on) can be restricted.

Digital Channels

Digital Channels power your customer interactions across channels such as chat, email, SMS, messaging and social media. They provide a platform that enables you to grow sales, create more targeted marketing campaigns, and deliver exceptional customer service. The Digital Channels service processes, manages and archives customer and agent interactions across media.


Genesys Email classic enables:
  • Monitoring of inbound mailboxes
  • Automated responses to incoming emails
  • Routing of email to the best-fit agents based on content analysis
  • Supervisor review of outgoing emails

Genesys Multicloud CX Email enables all the features of Email classic, plus:

  • Routing of email to the best-fit agents based on both content analysis and your Categories and Prioritization schemas for Engage cloud Email
  • Near real-time dashboards for monitoring your backlog

Genesys Softphone

Genesys Softphone is a standalone SIP endpoint. It can be deployed in either standalone or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments to enable call control from an agent's workstation.

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce enables the integration of Agent Workspace within the Salesforce environment to handle Genesys contact center interactions.

Intelligent Workload Distribution

IWD lets you capture work items, emails and leads ("work items") from existing enterprise workflow systems and create, monitor and manage a Universal Queue for your contact center. This queue is sorted on business value and prioritized to ensure that the most critical or highest-value work items are distributed to the right resource at the right time, regardless of media type, system or location.


IVR assists in resolving your customers' issues when they call into your company.


Use CX Contact (the Genesys Multicloud CX Outbound solution) to engage with customers seamlessly—at the right time and in the right way.
  • Run aggressive sales campaigns
  • Send automated alerts, notifications, or reminders without ever engaging agents
  • Run collections campaigns that target high-risk accounts
  • Run SMS or Email campaigns
  • Run multi-channel blended campaigns

Predictive Routing

Predictive Routing uses Machine Learning to match agents and interactions so as to optimize your most important KPIs.

Recording, Quality Management and Speech Analytics

The Genesys Recording, QM and Speech Analytics solution evaluates recorded customer interactions for data about what is happening in your organization. SpeechMiner UI reviews and analyzes this data to uncover the cause and effect relationships that influence business issues and contact center performance. For more information refer to: Recording, Quality Management and Speech Analytics (SpeechMiner UI).


Reporting lets you see what's going on in your contact center, by providing a suite of tools that gather, aggregate, and format data to help you see what's currently happening in your contact center, and what has changed over time, so you are better able to make informed, timely business decisions.


Routing is the process by which an interaction is directed to the appropriate target destination.


Using caller input and caller ID, inbound voice routes calls based on agent skills, service levels, caller history, or other criteria.


Genesys Widgets is a set of APIs that provides specific types of user interface elements—normally referred to as widgets—and the services to drive them, enabling you to enhance your website with chat or callback, or your own customized contact center functionality.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM) provides the tools that enable contact center managers to manage their workforce and achieve their service level goals, by using WFM's advanced forecasting, scheduling, and real-time adherence capabilities.

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