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Cloud Data Download Service enables you to securely export and download your contact-center data.

What Cloud Data Download Service does[edit source]

Cloud Data Download Service (CDDS) allows you to securely export your Contact History (i.e. contacts or interactions) data.

The exported data files are encrypted with your public encryption key and stored for 30 days, during which time you can download the files and decrypt them using your private encryption key.

After 30 days, the exported data files are deleted.

How Cloud Data Download Service works[edit source]

To use Cloud Data Download Service, you must provide public and private keys for data file encryption/decryption and a valid X.509 RSA-compliant certificate.

From the Jobs page (under the Administration menu), you can set up your data download jobs. During the generation of data export files, the original files are zip-compressed and packaged in an S/MIME message with an enveloped-data content type that is encrypted using the public key of the encryption certificate that you provided.

From the History page (under the Export menu), you can monitor and review the status of active and completed jobs. When the job completes, you can download the resulting file(s) from the Artifacts page (also under the Export menu). The files can then be decrypted using the private key that is associated with the certificate you provided.

Cloud Data Download Service

Players: Administrators

Actions: Use CDDS to set up and monitor your data export jobs and download the encrypted files.

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