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Genesys Softphone is a standalone SIP endpoint installable. That means it takes on the role of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Endpoint, the target of a SIP call, and call control. With Genesys Softphone, agents can make and receive calls from their workstation instead of through a hard phone.

What Genesys Softphone does[edit source]

Genesys Softphone is a standalone SIP endpoint. It supports different dialing modes, third-party call control, SSO, a variety of voice codecs, and WebRTC. It can be deployed in either standalone or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. It runs in either Connector Mode, where it is controlled by another application, such as Genesys Agent Workspace, or Standalone Mode, where it acts as a soft phone and includes call controls.

How Genesys Softphone works[edit source]

You can deploy and configure Genesys Softphone in a variety of ways to suit your softphone needs:

  • Workstation
  • VDI environment
  • Connector mode
  • Standalone mode

Installing on a workstation

Players: Administrators

Actions: The following steps are performed on agent workstations whether in a VDI environment or not:

  • Install the Genesys Softphone redistributable on agent workstations
  • Configure the Genesys Softphone
  • Configure the Agent's DN to enbable SIP CTI control
  • Configure SIP Server to work with Genesys Softphone
  • Set up single sign-on (optional)

Using Genesys Softphone

Players: Supervisors Agents

Actions: Agents and supervisors can make calls from their workstation using the Agent Workspace Workstation to handle call connectivity.

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