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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Engage Cloud Release Notes for version Current of Genesys Engage cloud Release Notes.

Not all releases or changes listed below may pertain to your deployment. Check the table below to see which releases apply to you.

Released onReleased forHighlights
May 05, 2021
AWS.png Azure.png
CX Contact Corrections to the partitioning functionality.
May 03, 2021
AWS.png Azure.png
CX Contact

Support for partitions.

Support for preprocessing before list import.
March 31, 2021
AWS.png Azure.png
Support for Genesys Engage cloud on Azure

May 05, 2021 AWS.png Azure.png

    What's New

    • When Partitioning is enabled, Outbound Analytics dashboards now display data only for the active partition. (CLOUDCON-12565)

      Resolved Issues

      • In environments for which Partitioning is enabled, the Campaign UI now displays one Campaign Group after the user changes the active partition. Previously, the Campaign UI may have displayed several Campaign Groups instead of one. (CLOUDCON-13071)
      • Campaign Groups for EMail and SMS media types are now created with the correct Destination DN, obtained from the Session Profile. Previously, such Campaign Groups for EMail and SMS media types, may have been created with no Destination DN. (CLOUDCON-13032)
      • CX Contact sometimes failed to preload contacts that were added via API requests due to a violation of the primary key in auxiliary pre-loading table. As a result, Outbound Contact Server was unable to retrieve or process contacts until the affected Campaign Group was stopped, unloaded, and restarted. This issue is now resolved. (CLOUDCON-13012)

        May 03, 2021 AWS.png Azure.png

          What's New

          • The new partitioning functionality allows the split of outbound objects in a tenant to logical sections (partitions). Different departments can now store objects under different partitions, so that administrators can only operate with objects (for example, campaigns and contact lists) belonging to their department. See Partitions for details.   (CLOUDCON-3754)
          • CX Contact now supports optional preprocessing of the input file before the List import is executed.   (CLOUDCON-12140)
          • API Modification: CX Contact now expects the where query parameter in the GET /contacts API request to be encoded with a Base64 format. (CLOUDCON-12473)
          • In the Outbound Schedules dialog, CX Contact UI now supports a condition based on the statistical value in the sequential and instant Schedule commands. (CLOUDCON-12211)
          • UI Modification: Campaign Dashboard statistics now account for cases when a Filtering Rule with a Selection Rule that has a WHERE statement is applied to a Campaign Group or to individual Contact List. (CLOUDCON-11411)
          • In the List Automation Jobs output file, the name generation for patterns of type <fixed name>_MMDDYYYY is now processed correctly. (CLOUDCON-12251)
          • In the Outbound Analytics dialog dropdown controls for customizable panels now only include relevant value types. (CLOUDCON-12503)
          • Negative values are now supported for the Selection rules expressions. (CLOUDCON-12617)
          • Small exported *.csv files are now handled correctly for List Automation Jobs of type Export Analytics.   (CLOUDCON-12642)
          • Call Result Records dashboard in Outbound Analytics now contains the new Boolean field isFinal. (CLOUDCON-12785)

            Resolved Issues

            • Contact list artifacts and import history are now limited to 100 entries. Previously, contact list artifacts and import history were not limited. (CLOUDCON-12810)
            • When the Contact History dashboard is exported to a .csv file, data in the duration columns now appear in minutes. Previously, the data in the durations columns appeared in milliseconds. (CLOUDCON-12420)
            • Suppression list artifacts and import history are now limited to 100 entries. Previously, suppression list artifacts and import history were not limited. (CLOUDCON-12816)
            • The Contact List upload preview is now correctly displayed in the List Import dialog for CSV files. (CLOUDCON-12751)
            • CX Contact statistics now considers records that have been filtered during pre-dial validation as "Retrying or Failed". Previously, these records were considered as "Delivered". (CLOUDCON-12906)
            • An exported CSV file is now properly PGP encrypted. Previously, Outbound Analytics data exported to CSV by the List Automation Job, may not have been PGP encrypted, even if encryption for securing analytical output data was turned On in Settings/Security. (CLOUDCON-12910)

              March 31, 2021 AWS.png Azure.png

                What's New

                • Starting with this release, CX Contact is available in Genesys Engage cloud on Azure. (CLOUDCON-9446)

                  Prior Releases

                  For information about prior releases of CX Contact, see CX Contact.