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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Important information about Designer upgrades.

After upgrading Designer

After a Designer upgrade, certain new features or resolved issues might require additional actions to be completed before they take effect in your environment or existing applications.

If you've been referred to this page from the Designer Release Notes, it is highly recommended that you complete the following steps after upgrading. These steps are typically required for applications that are known to be affected by an issue that is resolved in the new version of Designer.

  1. Publish the application and generate a new build. This new build picks up the modified behavior in the new version of Designer.
  2. Assign the new build to the DEV, QA, and/or UAT streams and test to confirm that the new feature or resolved issue is implemented and working correctly. (This step follows the standard Designer application workflow.)
  3. If the testing is successful, assign the build to the LIVE or LIVE_B stream. You can then observe the build for a period of time to confirm that it is working correctly.
  4. If you experience an issue with the new build, you can perform a rollback by assigning the build that was working previously to the LIVE or LIVE_B stream. This allows you to continue troubleshooting the problem without impacting your production traffic.

Getting help

If you cannot identify the issue or need expert help, please contact your Genesys representative or visit the Genesys Customer Care Communications portal.
If you do not perform these recommended steps, certain features and/or functionality may not be available or work correctly in your environment.

Other Genesys components

Designer includes functionality that is provided by other Genesys cloud components that are released separately from Designer. The release notes for the following components might also include items that are applicable to Designer: