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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Important information about Designer upgrades.

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When Designer is upgraded to a new version, certain changes take effect immediately while others require additional actions to be taken before they take effect.

Designer Release Notes may also contain information specific to new features and changes, such as exceptions, recommendations, or additional considerations. In those cases, you should follow the guidance provided in the Release Notes. If you have any questions about how a Designer upgrade will impact your operations, check with your Genesys representative.

Changes that take effect immediately

Certain Designer blocks use runtime APIs that are automatically updated whenever Designer is upgraded to a new version. There is no ability to opt out or defer these types of changes. Therefore, any changes to the following Designer blocks will take immediate effect after an upgrade, with no further actions required:

Changes introduced in other blocks by the new version of Designer do not take effect until the application that uses these blocks is republished.

Changes that require actions to be taken

Additional actions are almost always required for existing applications that are known to be affected by an issue that is resolved in the new version of Designer. In some cases, a resolved issue may be minor enough to only require that you generate a new build to incorporate the changes. However, to ensure your applications continue to work as intended after an upgrade, it is highly recommended that you perform the following steps:

  • Publish the application and generate a new build. The new build picks up the modified behavior in the new version of Designer.
  • Assign the new build to the DEV, QA, or UAT streams and test to confirm that the new feature or resolved issue is implemented and working correctly. (This follows the standard Designer application workflow.)
  • If the testing is successful, assign the build to the LIVE or LIVE_B stream. You can then observe the build for a period of time in Designer Analytics to confirm that it is working correctly.
  • If you experience an issue with the new build, you can perform a rollback by assigning the build that was working previously to the LIVE or LIVE_B stream. This enables you to continue troubleshooting the problem without impacting your production traffic.

Designer and other Genesys services

Designer includes functionality that is provided or supported by other Genesys cloud services. The release notes for the following services may also contain items that pertain to Designer:

If you've migrated to Designer 9 from Designer 8.x

If you are new to Designer 9 after working in a previous version (i.e. Designer 8.x), there are some changes you should be aware of when working in Designer 9:

New workflow

  • Designer now uses a new application workflow based on builds and streams. You can learn more about this new type of workflow on the Application workflow page. To gain familiarity, you can clone an existing application and experiment with making changes, generating builds, and assigning the builds to streams. When you are comfortable with the workflow, you can start to adopt it with your original applications.

Changes to resources

  • If you make any changes to a Business Control, Media Resource, or Speech Grammar resource, those changes now take effect immediately if the resource is being referenced by the LIVE production build. However, if you make a change to a Data Table, you must publish the data table for the changes to take effect in any builds that are referencing it.
  • In previous versions of Designer, any changes made to an application took effect immediately after the application was published. Now, you must generate a new build and assign it to the LIVE stream for the changes to take effect.

Changes to roles and permissions

  • Some permissions have changed. Refer to Permissions and Access for a list of Designer roles and their associated permissions.

Getting help

If you need additional help after your Designer upgrade, contact your Genesys representative or visit the Genesys Customer Care Communications portal.

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