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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Use this block with Callback to validate phone numbers and provide support for international phone numbers.

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This block provides phone number validation and international phone number support for Callback V2.

This block is only supported for environments using shared GMS.

Inputs tab

The Validate Phone Number block has three inputs. Enter the values, or select the appropriate variables.

  • Phone number – The phone number to be validated.
  • Home Country Code – The 2-letter ISO code of the expected "home" country. For example, US or GB.
  • Geocoding Locale – (Optional) The preferred locale in which to return the detected location. For example, en or zh-CN. The default is en-US.


Des validate phone number inputs.png

Results tab

Select the variables that will store the results of the phone number validation query.

All outputs are optional. If the phone number is not valid, all outputs (other than Outcome) will return null.

Number Validation Configurations Data Table

Callback V2 uses a special data table called NUMBER_VALIDATION_CONFIGURATIONS to provide support for phone number validation and international phone numbers.

You can view the settings for this data table by selecting it on the Data Tables page.


This data table contains the following parameters:

Setting Description
Config Name Name of the configuration.
Validation Enabled If number validation is enabled.
Default Country The default country to be used for validation. (This should also be used for the Home Country Code in the Validate Phone Number block.)
Expects International Number If callers will be prompted to include a country code when entering their phone number.

If set to true, any countries involved in international shared-cost (e.g. +808) or toll-free (e.g. +800) numbers that are not the default country must be added to Additional Countries Allowed.

Always Say Country on Confirm The country name will always be stated when confirming a phone number to the caller, even if it is the same as the home country. (It is always stated if the country name differs from the default country.)
Say Country When Not Allowed The country name will be stated if a phone number is not from an allowed country, or use a generic message (such as "your country").
You can set this option to false if you do not want your voice talent to record the names of all possible countries
Always Says International Number When confirming a phone number to the caller, always state it in full international format. For example, say "1<xxx>5551100" instead of "<xxx>5551100"'.
Premium Rate Allowed Whether premium rate numbers (e.g. 1-900 numbers in the U.S.) are allowed.
Toll Free Allowed Whether toll-free numbers (e.g. 1-800 numbers in the U.S.) are allowed.
Shared Cost Allowed Whether shared-cost numbers (e.g. +808 numbers) are allowed.
Voicemail Allowed Whether voicemail numbers (if they can be determined) are allowed.
Pager Allowed Whether pager numbers (if they can be determined) are allowed.
Additional Countries Allowed Select the countries, in addition to the default country, which are allowed.
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