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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Learn how to create and manage Emergency Flags that your application can use to handle emergency conditions.

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The Emergency Flags feature lets your applications check for and react to an emergency condition.

For example, if your business might be closed due to a storm, you can create a common Emergency Flag in Business Controls and have one or more of your applications check it. If the Emergency Flag is set, you can add special handling for that condition.

When the Emergency Flag is activated, the applications receive the new status when they check it, and start handling the emergency accordingly.

Adding an Emergency Flag

Click Add Emergency Flag to create an Emergency Flag. Enter a name in the provided field and click OK.

Activating or Deactivating an Emergency Flag

To activate or deactivate the Emergency Flag, click the On/Off slider.

Checking for Emergency Flags

To check the Emergency Flag in an application, add an Emergency block to the Application Flow.

In the properties of the Emergency block, enable the Use Emergency Flags defined in Business Controls check box and select the Emergency Flag that you previously created. The block will then show the current status of the Emergency Flag (this status display is for informational purposes only; you can't modify it from within the block).

The next time you activate this Emergency Flag from the Business Controls menu, the Emergency Flag handling is also activated in your application.

Activating an emergency flag can impact existing interactions if the check was done prior to activation.
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