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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Use this block to add a conditional emergency option to your application.

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You can use the Emergency block in the Initialize, Self Service, or Assisted Service phase to implement a conditional emergency option in your application.

You can configure this block to play or send an emergency message and then optionally terminate the interaction. This process works only if the emergency mode switch is set to ON in either the Emergency block or in the Emergency Flags section.

If the switch is set to OFF, the block has no effect and it is skipped by the application.

For simple applications, a user typically places this block at the start of the Self Service phase. If service is disrupted, the Emergency block is easy to locate and enable.

For complex applications that branch into multiple geographic areas, you can place this block in certain segments of a Segmentation block that uses logic to detect branches that are affected by emergency conditions. This allows selective enabling of emergency mode for interactions that require services from affected branches. For example, if your company has two offices and one is closed due to an emergency, you can route interactions to the other office.

Remember to set the emergency mode switch to OFF once normal operation resumes.

Using this Block

If you have defined an Emergency Flag, enable the Use Emergency Flags defined in Business Controls check box. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

To start, ensure the emergency mode switch is set to OFF. You can set this switch to ON in an emergency situation.

For Default application types, click Add Emergency Prompt to add one or more emergency prompts to play to callers when the emergency mode switch is set to ON. For Digital application types, select the message(s) to be emailed to customers.

Enable the Terminate the interaction after playing emergency messages listed below check box if you want the Emergency block to end the interaction after playing the emergency prompts.

If you want to store the result of the emergency flag in a variable, select a variable from the list.

Des emergency props.png


If you want to:

  • Enable emergency mode:
    • Open your application.
    • Locate the Emergency block.
    • Toggle the emergency mode switch to ON.
  • Control emergency mode from a web service:
    • Add an HTTP REST block in the Initialize phase.
    • Assign relevant output to a variable (for example, varEmergency = true).
    • In the Self Service phase, add a Segmentation block.
    • Add a condition/branch (varEmergency == true).
    • Add an Emergency block in this segment.
    • Set the emergency mode switch to ON permanently in this block.
    • Specify any emergency prompts.
    • Enable or disable the Terminate the interaction after playing emergency messages listed below check box.
    • Specify a variable to store the result of the emergency flag check.
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