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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Set up and manage Special Days (such as holidays) that you can reference in your applications.

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You can use Special Days to create holidays and other special days for use in your applications.

Add a Special Day

Click Add Holiday to add a special day. Use a name that describes the special day, such as New Years or Thanksgiving Day, and then use Add Date Range to create and specify a date range. You can create and define multiple date ranges for a Special Day, as well as enable or disable them.

As you make your changes, the Special Day is automatically saved. If the special day occurs on the same day every year, select the Occurs every year check box.

If you make an error, or want to make changes, you can edit or delete the Special Day by selecting it.

Once you have set Special Days, you can use them in your applications by using the Special Days block.

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