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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

This block enables you to transfer a call to another destination.

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This block is only applicable to certain applications and deployments. If you do not see this block in the Palette, it is not applicable to your deployment.

You can use the Transfer block in the Self Service phase to transfer a call to another destination.

You can sequentially place multiple Transfer blocks with different settings, so that if a transfer fails in one block, your application proceeds to the next block. When a Transfer block successfully transfers the call, the application moves to the Finalize phase, ignoring any subsequent blocks in the Self Service phase.

Transfer tab

Click the Destination drop-down menu to select a target destination for the call.

Next, enter a timeout value for the application to wait for the transfer to proceed before moving to the next block.

Results tab

Select the variable that will store the result of this Transfer block execution.

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