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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Use this block when you want to dynamically change the persona being used by an application throughout the course of an interaction.

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Using this block

This block is not available in Digital-type applications.
Switching personas can be useful when you want to use certain personas for specific situations. For example, you might want to use a more formal persona when dealing with sensitive customer issues, or switch to a different persona depending on the customer segment being served ("Gold" customers get one type of persona, "Blue" ones get another).

You can add this block to the Self Service or Assisted Service phases of the application, or use it in a Shared Module. After you've added the block, select the persona (or the variable) you want to use.

Des change persona 01.png

The selected persona will apply to any blocks that are using Text-to-Speech (TTS) services, such as Play Message, User Input, Menu, Bot, Record Utterance, Business Hours, Emergency, Special Day, Route Call, and Route Agent.

For more information, see Personas.

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