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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

The Data blocks help you to set up and manage various data handling functions within an application.

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These blocks are used for various data handling functions, such as retrieving information about an interaction that was created before the application started running, saving some information about a customer (or an interaction) to a database so that it can be processed later by another application, specifying keys to be read from Call Data and stored into application variables, or using statistics in the segmentation logic to route calls.

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Use the links below to learn more about each block.

Call Data

Reads or writes data that can be accessed from both inside and outside an application.

Used in: Initialization, Self Service, Assisted Service


Gets statistic values for queues or agent groups.

Used in: Initialization, Assisted Service

Transaction List

Assigns transaction list values to variables.

Used in: Initialization, Assisted Service

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