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Provides an overview of Genesys Multicloud CX services upgrade.

Genesys Multicloud CX services are constantly evolving with new functionalities to provide the best user experience. To leverage these new capabilities, we recommend you to upgrade Genesys Multicloud CX services when there is a new release available. Keeping your systems always up to date reduces the risk of service outage and also allows us to support you better. In case you delay an upgrade for business reasons, make sure you are not behind two minor releases, that is, N-2 releases, where N is the current release version in production. Learn about Genesys Multicloud CX service versions and Helm version from the Understanding versions page.

If you are more than two minor releases behind, contact your Genesys Account Representative to avail our professional services support to bring your services to the latest.

Unlike traditional upgrading methods, upgrading containers through Kubernetes Upgrade strategies provide a bundle of benefits such as zero-downtime, low risk of failure, no major service outage, and easy fallback options to the previous release.

Next steps

Learn the Upgrade strategies supported by Genesys Multicloud CX services.

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