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This topic is part of the manual Historical Reporting with Genesys CX Insights for version Current of Reporting.

Genesys Info Mart is the component behind the historical reports in your Cloud deployment. For advanced users, this page introduces the Genesys Info Mart historical database, which provides a structure for collecting contact center analytics data and sorting it to provide insights to business users.

Genesys Info Mart is the enterprise-level Genesys application behind the historical reports in your Cloud deployment. Genesys Info Mart receives interaction data from various upstream enterprise-level Genesys applications, then processes the low-level data to produce a data mart that Genesys Engage cloud uses for contact center historical reporting. An aggregation engine, which is hosted by Genesys Info Mart, then aggregates the detailed interaction, agent, and queue data to make it suitable for querying by reporting applications. Genesys CX Insights relies on Genesys Info Mart.

How do I learn more about the data behind reports?

The detailed data behind historical reports is fairly complex. If Data Export capability is available in your Cloud deployment, use the following resource to learn about the dimensional model of the Genesys historical database (called the Info Mart database), from which fact and dimension data is exported:

What is Data Export?

Data Export capability periodically copies the data that is stored in the Info Mart database into local .csv files, one file per table, so that the historical reporting data is available for further import into a data warehouse. Info Mart data can be used to create reports, feed analytical applications, or create executive dashboards.

Data Export does not include aggregated data.

Data Export capability is available in certain Cloud deployments; contact your Genesys representative for more information, and see Data Export Capability.

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