Genesys Predictive Engagement Administrator's Guide

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This manual is for version Current of Genesys Predictive Engagement.

Configure and administer Genesys Predictive Engagement for your organization.

Get started

Get started implementing Genesys Predictive Engagement in your organization.

Track journey events

Learn how to start tracking visitors on your website with Genesys Predictive Engagement. Then, learn about the tools for identifying and organizing types of visitors and their trackable behaviors.

Create actions and action maps

Learn about the types of actions available in Genesys Predictive Engagement. Learn how to create action maps that use actions to engage visitors and further your business goals.

See results

Learn about the analytics capabilities that Genesys Predictive Engagement provides.

Third-party integrations

Use an Architect flow action to send journey context data information to third-party systems using a special type of Architect workflow.

Solutions, best practices, and business scenarios

Pre-configured settings

Learn about the pre-configured settings that Genesys Predictive Engagement contains. The settings cannot be edited.


Learn Genesys Predictive Engagement terminology.

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