Get started with Predictive Engagement for PureConnect

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To use Genesys Predictive Engagement, PureConnect customers complete these initial tasks.

Complete the following procedures

  1. Verify prerequisites for PureConnect.
  2. Configure Predictive Engagement in PureConnect.
  3. Review the supported web browsers listed in the Genesys Cloud CX system requirements.
  4. Prepare the required Genesys Cloud CX domains.
  5. Update your webpages with the Genesys Predictive Engagement tracking snippet.
  6. Configure Web tracking.
    Initially, configure only the allowed domains. Then use Live Now to verify that Genesys Predictive Engagement is tracking events. After basic tracking works, configure the rest of the web tracking settings.
  7. Create segments
  8. Create outcomes.
  9. Create actions.
  10. Create action maps.
  11. Use LiveNow to see customer activity on your website

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