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A group of customers who share similar behavior or characteristics.

web action

An action that interacts directly with users through a web page. For example, content offers and web chats are web actions.

action map

The definition of how Altocloud will interact with specific users. Action maps define which users, which webpages, and which types of engagements to use. For example, an action might display an offer to chat to all users from Canada who visit a Fall Clearance page.

This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

An action map represents the steps that Altocloud takes to achieve a particular business result.


For each action map, you must select its action.

  • Some action maps use web actions. Web action engage directly with a customer. For example, you can create an action map that presents a web chat to visitors who go to a particular page for your current promotional campaign. The chat might ask the customer whether they want to talk directly with someone in sales who could then help them complete their purchase.
  • Some action maps, such as webhooks, use actions that react to user behavior, but do not interact directly with a user.

Qualified action maps

When you create an action map, you define its trigger. The trigger determines when the action map is "qualified." When an action map is qualified, it means that Altocloud could use it, depending on the other offer-related considerations.

The types of triggers that you can define are:

  • Who the customer is (what group or segment the customer belongs to)
  • What actions the customer takes on your website

Offered action maps

The following considerations determine whether a qualified action map is actually offered to a user: