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Genesys Predictive Engagement integrates with third-party platforms using Genesys Cloud integrations, data actions, and Architect workflows.


Learn the purpose of Architect flow actions, review the process of building Architect flow actions, and review a business scenario to understand how Architect flow actions work.

Prepare Genesys Cloud components

There are several steps involved in building an Architect flow action. Start by building an integration and configuring its data action in Genesys Cloud.

Prepare Architect components

To use Architect to integrate Genesys Predictive Engagement with a third-party system, you must prepare a special type of flow called a workflow that calls a session ID. Genesys Predictive Engagement provides a predefined example workflow that you can use. You just need to import it and update the referential integrity constraints.

Prepare Predictive Engagement components

Next, in Predictive Engagement, create an Architect flow action that uses the Genesys Cloud integration. Finally, build an action map that uses the Architect flow action.

Monitor an Architect flow action's performance

Use the Action Map Performance report to monitor an Architect flow action's performance.