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A business goal that you want to track and achieve.

This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Altocloud uses AI-powered machine learning to predict the probability of whether users will achieve your unique business outcomes.

Outcome score prediction

When users come to your website, Altocloud tracks how they navigate your website and complete web-based forms. Altocloud uses AI and machine learning to analyze all of the traffic on your website to identify patterns of behavior. Based on these patterns, Altocloud determines the probability, or likelihood, that a given user will complete a given outcome.

Build outcomes

In order for Altocloud to predict your users' behavior, you must first define your business goals as outcomes.

Attribute and operators

When you build an outcome, you specify the conditions that make it possible. To do this, you define an expression that includes an attribute and an operator.

Use outcomes in an action map

After you build your outcomes, you are ready to use them in action maps. When you specify the outcome probability for an action map, it means that the action map will trigger based on the probability that a user will achieve the outcome you specify.

View outcome scores

You can see the outcome scores for users changing in real time in Live Now.