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Learn how to create an action map that Genesys Predictive Engagement uses to engage visitors.


High-level steps


  1. Specify a descriptive name for the action map.
  2. Specify what triggers the action map.
  3. Specify the action to take when the action map triggers.
  4. Specify the webpages where you do or don't want the action map to trigger.
  5. If the action map is for a web chat offer:
    a. To route the action map to a specific agent queue, select an agent queue.
    b. To only present chat offers when agents are available to receive them, select a schedule group.
  6. To ignore the global frequency cap settings and always offer web engagements that this action map qualifies, override the frequency cap for this action map.
  7. To prioritize this action map relative to other action maps, set its priority.


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For more information about the number of action maps that you can create for your organization, see [[ATC/Limits|]].

Example: How to create an action map

This video shows how to create an action map for offering a proactive chat to visitors on your website.