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This topic is part of the manual Journey JavaScript SDK for version Current of Genesys Predictive Engagement.

Learn how to use the record method to capture website events.

Feature coming soon: Web messaging

This article only applies to customers using web chat. If you are a Genesys Cloud customer, we encourage you to use the new web messaging feature to replace web chat.


The record method records custom website events.


ac('record', eventName, [customAttributes], [options])



  • Description: Name of the custom event
  • Type: String
  • Status: Required


  • Description: Adds extra information to pageview event
  • Type: Object
  • Status: Optional
  • Restrictions: Flat object with properties of type string, number, or Boolean


ac('record', 'product_added', { price: 15.99, code: 'CDE-123', name: 'Product', hasBatteries: false });


  • Description: Used for more configuration
  • Type: Object
  • Status: Optional
  • Properties: See the following table.
Name Description Type Status Default
traitsMapper Used to map custom attributes to traits. For more information, see Traits Mapper. traitsMapper

callback Called once beacon is sent function optional
callbackTimeout ms to wait for beacon to send number optional
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