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This topic is part of the manual Journey JavaScript SDK for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn how to use the SDK to display icons for tracked user behavior on the Journey map .

About the icons


Use the ac('record') method to display an Altocloud icon on the Visit journey map (admin view) when a user completes a tracked behavior:

Available icons

Code example


This code example shows how to use ac('record') to display the Product added icon in the Visit journey map (admin view) when a user adds a t-shirt to their shopping cart.
ac('record', 'product_added', [optionalExtraDataObject]
ac('record', 'product_added', { name: 't-shirt', id: 'hkds9d8j', price: '$45.45' });

Purchase-related icons

Icon Tooltip text Description Name
Product added to cart.png
Product added to cart The user added a product to their shopping cart. "product_added"
Product removed from cart.png
Product removed from cart The user removed a product from their shopping cart. "product_removed"
Checkout successful.png Checkout complete The user completed the purchase of the items in their shopping cart. "product_purchased"

Form-related icons

You can display the icons in this section via ac('record') or via auto form tracking.
Icon Tooltip text Description Name
Form submitted.png Form submitted The user submitted a form. "form_submitted"
Form abandoned.png Form abandoned The user navigated away from a form before completing it. "form_abandoned"

Miscellaneous icons

Icon Tooltip text Description Name
Searched The user searched for the string shown in the tooltip. "search_performed"