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Learn how to search for, create, edit, duplicate, and delete segments.


Search for segments


Type one or more characters (not case-sensitive) for which to search. As you type, only the segments that match your criteria appear in the list.

A column heading with an arrow indicates that you can click the arrow to sort the list by that entity. An upward-pointing arrow indicates that the list is in ascending order and a downward-pointing arrow indicates that the list is in descending order.

Create a segment


To create a segment, click Create segment and then follow the instructions in Manage segments.

Edit a segment


To modify a segment, search for it and then click the Edit menu option. Follow the instructions in Manage segments.

Duplicate a segment


To simplify the process of creating a segment, you can duplicate an existing segment. Search for the segment to duplicate and then click the Duplicate menu option. The duplicate segment displays in edit mode. Specify a new name for the duplicate segment and then modify the remaining information as appropriate.

Delete a segment


To delete a segment permanently, search for the segment, click the Delete menu option, and then confirm.
Deletion is permanent. To suspend the segment temporarily from matching, deactivate it instead.

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