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A new session begins when a user visits your website. The session lasts until the user leaves the website, or until there is 30 minutes of inactivity.

This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Feature coming soon!Web sessions, conversation sessions, custom sessions, and custom events provide rich context for agents about each customer's personal journey with your company.


As a business, you want to collect data about all the ways in which a given user has interacted with your company along with the outcomes of those interactions. Altocloud captures this type of information as sessions andNo resultss.

You can use Altocloud to collect and analyze this data and thereby acquire business intelligence, develop a unified view of the customer, improve agent and bot performance, deflect calls, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately improve business outcomes.

Web sessions

Altocloud allows agents to view the complete history of web-based interactions customers have with your company. We verify contacts when web sessions begin and automatically track specific type of web events. You can also use the Journey JavaScript SDK to track additional customer behavior on your website.

Conversation sessions

Altocloud allows agents to view the complete history of conversation (phone and chat) sessions customers have with your company. Each conversation session includes the key events that occur when a user contacts your company through one of your available channels.

You can view conversations for inbound calls, outbound calls, and web chats. When agents interact with a user via a conversation channel, they can see the details of previousNo resultss that have occurred during that conversation. Conversation sessions do not include ACD campaign calls, business calls, and callbacks.

Custom sessions and custom events

With custom sessions and customNo resultss, you can track customer activity in external systems and display it to agents. Review an example of a custom session and learn about the significance of custom session types and attributes.

Session Library

The Session Library allows you to configure how data from your sessions appears to agents.

Session attributes

Session attributes are the building blocks you will use to design the session cards that agents see. Projections allow you to design a consolidated view of related data.

Event types

Event types are templates of attributes that you capture for events. You can view the available event types and configure how specific instances ofNo resultss appear to agents.

Session cards

Agents see session cards when they interact with customers. Learn how to design the layout and make the cards visible.