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In Live Now, learn how to see what a customer searched for on your website. This information provides insight into their specific questions and prepares you to answer them.


  • Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud:
    • Journey > Customer > View (to see information about existing customers)
    • Journey > Event > View (to see events on the customer journey map)
    • Journey > Visit > View (to see live tracking information about visitors who are on your website currently)

View searches performed


Each time a user searches your site, the URL for your webpage changes. Since Genesys Predictive Engagement tracks URL changes, it can display information to your agents about each user's specific searches under Searches performed.
You must configure your URL search parameter in your site search settings.

View search details in the visit journey map


In the visit journey map, rest your mouse on a search icon to see what the customer searched for.