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Learn how to search for, create, edit, duplicate, and delete outcomes.


Search for outcomes


Type one or more characters (not case-sensitive) for which to search. As you type, only the outcomes that match your criteria appear in the list.

A column heading with an arrow indicates that you can click the arrow to sort the list by that entity. An upward-pointing arrow indicates that the list is in ascending order and a downward-pointing arrow indicates that the list is in descending order.

Create an outcome


To create an outcome, click Create outcome and then follow the instructions in Manage outcomes.

Edit an outcome


To modify an outcome, search for it and then click the Edit menu option. Follow the instructions in Manage outcomes.

Duplicate an outcome


To simplify the process of creating an outcome, you can duplicate an existing outcome. Search for the outcome to duplicate and then click the Duplicate menu option. The duplicate outcome displays in edit mode. Specify a new name for the duplicate outcome and then modify the remaining information as appropriate.
Genesys Predictive Engagement scores the new outcome independently from the original outcome based on visit data gathered after you save and activate the new outcome. If you edit any of the conditions for the outcome, click the checkmark for each changed condition before you save the outcome.

Delete an outcome


To delete an outcome permanently, search for the outcome, click the Delete menu option, and then confirm.
Deletion is permanent. To suspend the outcome from use temporarily, deactivate it instead.

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