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  • Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud CX:
    • Journey > Customer > View (to see information about existing customers)
    • Journey > Event > View (to see events on the customer journey map)
    • Journey > Outcome > View (to see outcomes achieved and scores for a visit)
    • Journey > Segment > View (to see matched segments for a visit)
    • Journey > Visit > View (to see live tracking information about visitors who are currently on your website)

See who is active on your website

The Live Now view shows who is active on your website. In Admin in Genesys Cloud CX, open the Live Now page.

Filter by segments

To see only visitors who belong to specific segments, in the Choose segments list, select the segment.

You can select active segments that display to agents. For more information about configuring these options, see Manage segments.
For more information on how to create and use segments, see About segments and Trigger an action map based on segment match.

Search for visitors

You can search for visitors by their:

  • Name
  • Browsing website
  • Location

For example, a search for "Atl" displays visitors from Atlanta. A search for "Ho" displays all visitors who are browsing the "Home Insurance" webpage and the visitors in the "Hot Prospect" segment.

Search is not case-sensitive.


The status reflects the visitor's status on your website:

  • Green: Visitor is active on your website.
  • Yellow: Visitor has been inactive for 45 seconds. For example, the visitor minimized the browser window or is looking at a different site in a separate tab.
  • Grey: Visitor has been inactive for 60 seconds or longer.
When a visitor arrives on your website, Genesys Predictive Engagement begins timing their presence. After 30 minutes of inactivity, Genesys Predictive Engagement ends their session.


Live Now refreshes itself every minute. To see more current information, click Refresh.

View visitor details

To see the details about a visitor, click the visitor's name. For more information about the types of details available, see Customer summary (admin view).

View the webpage the visitor is on

To see the webpage that the visitor is on currently, click the link under Browsing.
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