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visitor journey attribute

A type of attribute used to build a condition that matches users to segments and outcomes based on what some behavior of the user. For example, visits the Current Sales webpage.

Learn about the types of attributes that identify visitors based on their shared behaviors. For example, completing a form or going to a specific webpage.

About visitor journey attributes


When you create action maps, segments, and outcomes, you use operators to define attributes. One type of attribute is a visitor journey attribute.

Visitor journey attributes are actions that visitors take on your website. When you define a condition that includes a visitor journey attribute, Genesys Predictive Engagement matches visitors based on whether they do (or do not) take the action. For example, only visitors who complete a form or go to a specific webpage.

A visitor journey attribute can also reflect a negative event. For example a visitor journey attribute might include all customers who added a product to their shopping cart but did not complete the transaction.

  • Track these actions as events in your code. To track a more complex visitor journey, add conditions. Genesys Predictive Engagement evaluates all conditions in the visitor journey sequentially, in the order in which you define them.
For more information, see Examples of segments.

Types of visitor journey attributes

Attribute name Description Example
Event name Represents the action the customer performed. Our recommended format starts with an object followed by the action performed.
  • form_submitted
  • order_completed
  • page_viewed
  • product_added
  • product_purchased
  • quote_requested
  • user_registered
Page URL URL of the page
Page title Title of the page Genesys Altocloud lCreate segment
Page hostname Host name of the page's URL
Page domain Domain of the page's URL
Page fragment Fragment or hash of the page's URL #/journey/segment/create
Page keywords Keywords from the HTML<meta>tag of the page altocloud
Page pathname Path name of the page /journey/admin/
Search query Represents the keywords in a customer's search query test
URL query string Query string that is passed to the page in the current event q=test
Custom attribute Allows you to identify groups of users based on characteristics and behaviors that are specific to your business. packageDeliveryStatus