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A content offer is a type of Genesys Predictive Engagement action that triggers on a website when a user's behavior or segment matches the criteria defined in an action map.


  • Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud:
    • Journey > Action Map > Add , Delete, Edit, and View (to create action maps)
    • Journey > Action Template > Add, Delete, Edit, and View (to configure content offers)
    • Uploads > publicAsset > upload (to upload images for content offers)

Create a content offer

You create content offers in the Action Library. Specify a descriptive and meaningful name and description (for example, Spring Break Getaway Offer 2019). Define the content and design of your content offer, as described in the tables that follow.

After you create a content offer, it appears in the Content Offer section of the Action Library.

Define the verbiage and visual styling


Use the Content and Style tabs to define all elements of a content offer. To preview the content offer, click Refresh.

Content options

Option Description
Layout Layout of the text and image within the content offer:
  • Image only
  • Text only
  • Left text - text is on the left; image is on the right.
  • Right text - image is on the left; text is on the right.
  • Top text - text is on the top; image is on the bottom.
  • Bottom text - image is on the top; text is on the bottom.
Heading Prominent headline text. Example: Exclusive offer just for you!
Subheading Secondary text to accompany the main heading. Example: Book now and get 10% off.
Body Description of the offer. Example: Book now and add discount code 123456 at the checkout to save 10%.
Image URL that contains the image to display in the offer. Example:
  • Supported image types: JPEG, BMP, JPG, PNG (supported by HTML image tag)
  • Optimal image dimensions are 400px x 400px.
Button text Short string to display inside the call-to-action button. Example: Book Now.
Destination URL Select your image.
Open link in Destination URL, either in the current window or in a new tab or window.

Style options

Option Description
Type Controls where the content offer appears on a webpage and whether the user can interact with other web page elements while the content offer is onscreen.
  • Modal - Content offer covers all other webpage content. Users cannot interact with other webpage elements onscreen. If the user clicks outside of the content offer window, the content offer window closes.
  • Overlay (Non-modal) - Content offer covers all other webpage content, but users can interact with other webpage elements while the content offers is onscreen.
  • Toast (Non-modal) - Content offer displays in a small notification window that does not obscure other webpage content. Users can interact with other webpage elements onscreen.
Background Color Content offer's background color.
Offer text Style options for the heading, subheading, body, and call-to-action button:
  • Font - By default, Genesys Widgets uses the Google font 'Roboto.' You can change the font or disable the Google font download. For more information, see Customize appearance.
  • Font size
  • Text color
  • Text alignment (*not available for call-to-action button)
CTA Button color Call-to-action button color.
Close Button Opacity and color of the Close (X) button that appears in the top right corner of the content.
Position Onscreen positioning of the content.
Padding Padding either in pixels or as a percentage.

Select an image

To add a custom image to your content offer, you can either upload it to Genesys Predictive Engagement or point its URL.

To upload images for content offers, you must have the Uploads > publicAsset > upload permission.

Point to a URL

Provide a complete, valid URL for the image to display in the content offer.
You must specify a complete URL address, including the protocol. For example:

Upload a file

To upload a file, drag and drop it onto the upload area, or browse to the file and select it.

You can upload an image in any of the following formats.

Extension Name MIME type
APNG Animated Portable Network Graphics image/apng
BMP Bitmap file image/bmp
GIF Graphics Interchange Format image/gif
ICO or CUR Microsoft Icon image/x-icon
JPG or JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group image image/jpeg
PNG Portable Network Graphics image/png
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics image/svg+xml
WEBP Web Picture format image/webp

The maximum file size per uploaded image is 512 KB.

Publish the content offer


After creating the content offer, save and publish it so that it's available for an action map to use.
You can't edit an action after you publish it. So, if you're not ready to publish the content offer, save it as a draft. Then, you can publish it when you're ready.
For more information, see Save an action: draft or publish.

Link the content offer to an action map


After you publish a content offer, link it to an action map so that your users can see it. The action map defines the conditions that trigger the content offer. You can either create an action map to link the content offer to, or link it to an existing action map.

Specify when to activate the content offer and the time period during which to use the content offer. For more information about action maps, see About action maps

Manage a content offer


You can manage content offers in the following ways: