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This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn how to select who will talk to a user if the user wants to talk to a live person after being engaged by an action map.


About targets for action maps


When Altocloud presents a user an offer to chat, that offer can include an invitation to speak directly with a live person such an agent or salesperson. The agent or salesperson is part of a team that has a corresponding queue in your contact center. Multiple action maps can route to the same target queue.

Predictive Engagement offers chats to users only when both of the following occur:

  • The user agrees to speak to an agent.
  • An agent is available to respond to the user.

In addition to determining whether agents are available, Altocloud also manages chat routing to ensure that agents will not be overwhelmed by chats. Altocloud uses one of the following, depending on your configuration:

  • For most customers, Altocloud uses an estimated wait time (EWT) of approximately 20 seconds. If an agent will not be available within 20 seconds, the chat is not offered to the user.
    Feature coming soon
    If you use EWT, and you have a predefined Service Level Agreement that includes a queue throttling provision, Altocloud follows those configuration guidelines.
  • For Genesys Engage Premises customers only, the Agent Pacing Service determines agent availability.

To configure a target for an action map, create an action map and use the Route to target section to select the team who should talk to the users that the action map engages.

For more information on creating queues in Genesys Cloud, see Queue administration.

Route to a target


  1. From the Search team list, click the team of agents that should address engagements from this action map.
    • You can select any queue that is currently available in your contact center organization. For more information about unavailable targets, see Unavailable or unselected targets.
    • To ensure that Altocloud presents the engagement only if agents are available to engage with the customer and only if you are not using chatbots, turn on the Route if agents available button.
If you do not turn on the Route if agents available button, Altocloud sends the engagement to the team you select regardless of whether an agent on the team is available or not.

Unavailable or unselected targets


You cannot select a queue that has been deleted or removed from your contact center; they do not appear in the list of available targets.

If a target that you previously selected becomes unavailable, Altocloud prompts you to select a new one.

If you do not select a target, Altocloud sends all engagements from this action map to a default or general queue.

Chatbot considerations


Do not turn on the Route if agents available button if chatbots will be handling interactions.
See a solution that uses advanced routing: Altocloud with advanced chat routing
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