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Prepare an Architect workflow to integrate Genesys Predictive Engagement with a third-party system.

Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud:

  • Architect > Flow > UI
  • Architect > Flow > Search

Campaign parameters

To build an integration using the Architect flow action in Genesys Predictive Engagement, you must use an Architect flow of the Workflow type. The workflow allows you to execute an action via the REST API.

The REST request requires certain parameters:

Prepare the workflow


Always use the Workflow flow type.

To prepare the workflow:

  1. Create a new workflow.
    • From the Flows list, select Workflow.
    • Click Add and specify a name.
    • Update the other fields as you need to.
  2. Import the integration-specific workflow:
  3. Update the data action referential integrity constraints.
  4. Save the workflow.
  5. Publish the workflow.

Update referential integrity constraints


Predefined data actions are built to work in the Genesys Predictive Engagement development environment. To make them work in your environment, you must update the referential integrity constraints.

For each data action, do the following:

  1. In the workflow, select a data action with a red border. (The red indicates the referential integrity problem.)
  2. Under Data Action, select the name of the corresponding data action.
  3. Repeat these steps for every data action with a red border.