Third-party integrations overview

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Learn how to integrate Genesys Predictive Engagement with an external system using an Architect workflow, which is a webhook that provides real-time feeds.

Feature description


Use an Architect flow action to send journey context data to third-party systems using a special type of Architect workflow. For example, you can send information about campaign contacts to Salesforce or another CRM.

For more information about using Architect flow actions in a secure and compliant manner, see About security and compliance.

Process overview


  1. In the Genesys Cloud Admin menu, configure an integration to your CRM and corresponding data actions.
  2. In Genesys Cloud Architect, configure a workflow.
  3. In Genesys Predictive Engagement, create an action map that uses an Architect flow action.
  4. Monitor your Architect flow action with a report.

For specific integrations, see the following: