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This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.


About visitor and journey attributes

When you create segments or outcomes, you define visitor and journey attributes:

  • Visitor attributes are characteristics that all the visitors in the group share. Examples of visitor attributes are visitors who use Chrome and visitors from Canada.
  • Journey attributes are actions on your website that all the visitors in the group have taken. Examples include completing a form or going to a specific webpage.
When you create a segment or outcome, you can specify any combination of visitor attributes and visitor journeys for a segment. The more of these conditions you define, the more specific the segment, and the fewer number of visitors who belong to it.

You must specify at least one visitor attribute or visitor journey per segment or outcome.

You complete the same process of defining visitor attributes and visitor journeys when you create both segments and outcomes. However, visitor attributes and visitor journeys are not shared across segments and outcomes.

Visitor attributes


Visitor attributes identify visitors based on characteristics like location, browser, device type, and so on.

If you want to match based on a non-numeric criteria, such as the name of a browser, select the like or not like operator.

Types of visitor attributes

Attribute name Description Example
Device category Type of device the visitor is using Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, and so on
OS family Operating system family Mac OS
Browser family Browser family, including all versions of the browser within that family Chrome
Browser version Major version of the browser 55
Campaign source A search engine, newsletter, or other source (UTM parameter) Google
Campaign medium A medium such as email or cost-per-click (UTM parameter) CPC
Campaign name A specific product promotion or strategic campaign (UTM parameter) 320banner
Campaign term Keywords for this ad (UTM parameter) running
Campaign content Ads or links that point to the same URL (UTM parameter) textlink
Campaign click ID The unique number that is generated when a potential customer clicks an affiliate link (UTM parameter)  
Campaign network The ad network to which the click ID belongs (UTM parameter)  
Country Visitor's country Ireland
City Visitor's city or town Galway
Region Visitor's region Galway
Post code Visitor's post code or zip code 90210
CCA2 code Two-letter country code IE
Browser language code Language that the visitor's browser is set to en-gb
Organization name Organization name derived from the IP
Referral URL Referrer page url
Referral hostname Referrer host/hostname


|sectionHeading=Campaign attributes |anchor=UTMParms |Standalone=No |ComingSoon=No |Status=No |alignment=Vertical |structuredtext=Some visitor attributes are campaign attributes because they track activity for specific campaigns. These attributes work with UTM parameters, which are added into page URLs by analytics tools such as Google Analytics, so that you can analyze website activity using campaign information. The available campaign attributes in Altocloud are:

Attribute name UTM parameter name as it appears in a webpage URL or search string
Campaign source 'utm_source'
Campaign medium 'utm_medium'
Campaign name 'utm_campaign'
Campaign term 'utm_term'
Campaign click ID 'gclid'
Campaign network 'network'

For more information about Google Analytics, see Custom campaigns.