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Create an action map to offer web messaging

To offer web messaging on your website, create an action map for it. The action map defines the conditions that trigger the web messaging offer.

Note the following:

  • If there is an active web messaging conversation, no other web messaging action maps trigger.
  • If an action map triggers during a web session, it does not trigger again during that session. However, another action map could trigger, depending on your frequency capping settings.
  • If an action map triggers in one session and the visitor rejects it, it can trigger again in subsequent sessions if it qualifies.

Select the web messaging action

Select the web messaging action.

Select the web messaging action and then click Finish.

AI-487 - Inbound Messaging Flow from Action Maps

Replace above text and screenshot:

Using the web messaging feature, you can use the default flow or route the messages to a custom flow. When you route to a custom flow, the messages are routed to inbound message flows in Architect

<<ADD use case from Darragh>>

AI-487 Create a default web message flow

  1. Select the web messaging action and then click Default.
  2. In the Configure user engagement dialog box, enter a message with which you would like to start a web messaging conversation.
  3. Click Done.