Monitor an Architect flow action's performance

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Monitor an action map that uses an Architect flow action to evaluate how well it's working.


Monitor an Architect flow action's performance

Use the Action Map Performance to monitor your Architect flow action's performance. When you create an action map that uses an Architect flow action, the metric names have different meanings.

Metric Description
Web Actions Qualified Number of visitors who matched a segment, activity, or outcome score that triggered the action map.
Web Actions Offered Not applicable.
Web Actions Accepted Number of times that the Architect flow connected with the third-party product starts.
Web Actions Started Not applicable.
Web Actions Engaged Not applicable.
Web Actions Rejected Number of times that Genesys Cloud rejected the Architect flow's request because the request was wrong. The rejection can occur in the following scenarios:
  • Architect flow no longer exists.
  • Data required to launch the Architect flow wasn't provided.
  • Action map is firing intensively and exceeding the Genesys Cloud rate limits (more than 15 requests/second). Requests aren't retried once the throttling threshold is exceeded.
Web Actions Errored Number of times the web action request resulted in an error.
Web Actions Timed out Not applicable.