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This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn how to see when and how users interact with a specific action map.


About the Action Map Performance reports


The Action Map Performance reports allow you to see metrics about the effectiveness of your action maps. For example, you see details such as when the action map was triggered and how customers responded to its engagement offer. For more information about the specific metrics available, see Action Map Performance report metrics.

For more information about the availability of the data in this report, see About analytics data.

View Action Map Performance reports


  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Altocloud, click Action Map Performance.
  3. A card appears for each action map. Card details indicate:
    • What triggers the action map: a segment or an event
    • Whether the action map is active or not
  4. To see the performance report for an action map, click its card.

Configure the Action Map Performance report


  1. To select the time period for the report, click the Start and End boxes.
  2. To indicate whether you want to see hourly or daily results, select the Granularity option. For more information, see Granularity.
  3. To turn on or off a metric, click its name.

Export the Action Map Performance report


You can export a CSV (comma-separate value) file that contains the details of the Action Map Performance report.

  1. Configure the report so that it displays the data you want.
  2. Click the report's menu.
  3. Click Download CSV.
  4. The system downloads the report to your local Downloads folder.

About time values in exported reports

When you export a Visitor Activity report, the name of the exported file includes from- and to- timestamps in the standard ISO-8601 format (mmhhddmmyyyy).

If you import the CSV file into Excel, use the following formula to convert the ISO-8601 time formatted-cell to the Date type:


(A1 represents the cell location of the first ISO-8601 time formatted cell in the Excel worksheet.)

Action Map Performance report metrics

The Action Map Performance report displays metrics for the time period you select.

Metric Web chats Webhooks Content offers Architect flow actions
Web Actions Qualified x x x x
Web Actions Offered x x x x
Web Actions Accepted x x x
Web Actions Started x
Web Actions Engaged x x
Web Actions Rejected x x x x
Web Actions Errored x x x x
Web Actions Timed Out x

For information about the metric definitions, click the type of action:

See details


  1. To see details, hover over a point on the report.