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This topic is part of the manual Event tracking for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn how to use Adobe Launch to customize and deploy the Altocloud tracking snippet.

Use Adobe Launch

When you use Adobe Launch to deploy the Altocloud tracking snippet, Altocloud always tracks standard customer journey events including pageviews and form entries. You can also use Adobe Launch's prebuilt extensions, rules, action, events, and conditions to track additional events that are specific to your webpage and business needs.

For complete information on how to use Adobe Launch, see Adobe's Launch User Guide.


An extension is a collection of components (triggers, conditions, tags) that track events on a website. By default the Core Extension is enabled with Adobe Launch. This article describes how to integrate Adobe Launch using only elements from the Core Extension.

If necessary, you can install other extensions from the catalog. 

For example, there are extensions for Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics.

For more information on the Launch extensions by Adobe solutions, see Adobe Extensions.



Rules define how Launch operates. Each rule contains a condition and the action that Launch takes when the criteria for a condition are met.

A rule consists of:

  • An event is a user action. A condition an optional characteristic that refines the event definition. Events and conditions define when a rule triggers. For example, "If a user is inactive for 5 seconds"
  • An action is a code snippet that Launch injects when the rule is met.

Examples of events

  • A page URL change
  • A key pressed
  • A scrolling event

Examples of conditions

  • A webpage where an event could happen
  • An amount of time
For more information on rules, see the Adobe Launch User Guide section on Rules.

Rule: Trigger after 6 seconds

The following instructions work with the 6-second scenario.

Configure a rule

The following rule triggers after a user has been on a webpage for 6 seconds.

In this example, the value in the Condition field indicates that this rule triggers on all pages. This is for illustration purposes only. If you do not specify where a rule triggers, it will trigger on all webpages where the Altocloud tracking snippet is deployed.

Call the event tag

From the action, call ac('record') and define an event tag with the name TimeOnPage6Secs. ALConfigSegDef.png


To run Adobe Launch in debug mode, add the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger extension.

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