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Feature coming soon!Learn about web messaging and how it works.



Web messaging provides web site visitors with an enhanced experience when they visit your website. Unlike web chat, which provides single-session chat capabilities, web messaging allows a visitor to converse with an agent through a messenger window and return later to pick up the conversation. For more information, see About web messaging in the Genesys Cloud Resource Center.

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Following are some of the web messaging capabilities and features:

  • Advanced routing
    • Base routing decisions on the needs and profile of the visitor
    • Update routing decisions dynamically, even within a messaging flow
    • Define the circumstances, such as business hours and schedules, in which to route a messaging offer to a bot or an agent
  • Auto-response
    • Send an automatic response when a visitor starts an interaction in the messenger window (for example, Thanks for contacting us! We will be with you shortly.)
    • Send a standard bot-generated message (for example, Thanks for waiting! How may we help you today?)
  • Powered by AI
    • Call on a bot to handle interactions
    • Use the predictive engagement features to monitor engagements, predict behavior, and respond according to configured action maps

How it works


  1. A visitor views a website that Genesys Predictive Engagement tracks.
  2. Genesys Predictive Engagement monitors the visitor's behavior on the website.
  3. Genesys Predictive Engagement uses action maps to determine when and how to take action.