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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

Learn about the Callback blocks available in Designer.

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Designer supports Callback for voice calls only. Digital interactions are not supported.
These blocks are located in the Callback section of the Palette and manage options, rules, and features for Callback. To learn more about provisioning Callback for use with Designer, see Provisioning Callback in Designer in the Callback Administrator's Guide.

Use templates or modules — not both.

  • Genesys recommends that you avoid mixing templates and modules in callback applications. When planning your applications, decide whether you are going to use templates or modules, and then be consistent with your choice.
  • If you need to make changes to a template, clone all of the callback templates into corresponding modules, and then use those modules in your applications.

Book ASAP Callback V2

Books an ASAP ("as soon as possible") Callback on Genesys Mobile Services (GMS).

Book Scheduled Callback V2

Books a scheduled Callback on Genesys Mobile Services (GMS).

Callback Availability V2

Retrieves the scheduled callback availability from Genesys Mobile Services (GMS).

Callback V2

Offers callback and reconnects to the customer when an agent is ready.

Cancel Callback V2

Cancels an existing callback.

Check for Existing Callback V2

Checks if the customer's phone number already has an existing callback scheduled or queued in a particular Callback service in Genesys Mobile Services (GMS).

Validate Phone Number

Provides phone number validation and international phone number support for Callback V2.

Callback VQ Watermark

Checks the number of active callbacks that are currently queued for a specific virtual queue (VQ).

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