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This topic is part of the manual Designer User's Guide for version Current of Designer.

These blocks help you to interact with customers, such as by offering menus, collecting information, or playing messages.

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The blocks in this category are used to interact with callers in various ways, such as to offer them a list of menu options ("Press 1 to speak with an agent"), collect their information (such as an account number), play them a message, or record their call (or a selected portion of the call).

The blocks shown depend on the features that are enabled and the type of application that is being built. For example, only Digital type applications will see blocks related to email.

Use the links below to learn more about each block.


Add a chatbot resource to your application.

Used in: Self Service


Presents a list of choices to callers.

Used in: Self Service

Play Message

Plays audio messages to callers.

Used in: Self Service, Assisted Service


Starts or stops a call recording.

Used in: Self Service

Record Utterance

Records a user's voice or DTMF inputs.

Used in: Self Service

User Input

Collects information from callers.

Used in: Self Service, Assisted Service

Chat Message

Sends a chat message to a contact.

Used in: Assisted Service

Chat Transcript

Emails the chat transcript to a contact.

Used in: Assisted Service, Finalize

Get Chat Transcript

Provides access to the latest chat transcript.

Used in: Assisted Service, Finalize

Send Email

Sends an email containing a standard-response message to a user.

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