Scenario Intra-Day: Review Messages (Save) Dialog Box

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Use this dialog box to respond to any warnings or errors that the server returned during your last attempt to save an agent's edited schedule.

The dialog box includes the following columns and controls:

Team Name Displays the team to which this agent belongs.
Agent Name Displays the agent whose schedule generated this message.
Messages Displays the message type (either Warning or Error), numeric code, and the message text.
Action Use each message's drop-down list to select an action to resolve the warning or error:
  • Save—Saves the edited agent schedule. This is the default action for warnings. It is unavailable for agent schedules whose edits generated errors (which are more severe than warnings).
  • Fix Later—Does not attempt to save the agent schedule, but keeps it in the Intra-Day grid so that you can further modify it. This is the default action for agent schedules whose edits generated errors.
  • Do Not Save—Discards the change that caused the warning or error to be generated.
OK Closes the dialog box, applies your selected actions, and retrieves fresh data from the server.
Close Closes the dialog box without saving or refreshing data.

These errors and warnings are generated by schedule changes that you made manually in the Intra-Day view. They differ from Validation warnings and errors, which WFM Web generates during the schedule building process.

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