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Only when necessary, safely remove data for a certain date range and/or agents' schedule data from the Master Schedule.

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Use the Cleanup Master Schedule window if you need to remove information from the Master Schedule for selected dates and agents. You must have Schedule Clean Up Master security permission.

This feature deletes all previously saved data that was saved for the selected date range and agents. Genesys recommends that you do not use the Cleanup Master Schedule feature unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must remove Master Schedule data, Genesys recommends that, before doing so, you first extract the data to a schedule scenario (using the Publish Schedule Wizard), and/or make a backup of the WFM database.

To remove Master Schedule information:

  1. In the Cleanup dates section, select the range of dates for which you want to remove data.
    You can type in the Start date and End date, or use the up or down arrows to modify the displayed dates. You can also click the Open Popup Calendar WM 851 icon-open-popup-calendar.png button to display a monthly calendar that you can use to jump to other dates.
  2. From the Agents list, select the agents whose schedule information you want to remove.
    You can expand business units to display their sites and you can expand sites to display their teams and agents. You can select any number of agents. (By default, no agents are selected.)
  3. Click Finish to remove the specified Master Schedule information, or click Cancel to close the window without changing the Master Schedule.
    As the cleanup starts, the progress bar displays additional information in brackets
    • Number of selected agents.
    • Number of selected teams for a particular site.
    If an asterisk (*) is displayed instead of a number, this indicates all agents or teams under the site were selected.
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