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Use the Modules tree's Reports branch to generate the following reports (grouped here by category):

Configuration Reports

  • Activity Properties Report—Includes hours of operation, skills, and activity set assignments.
  • Shared Transport Report—Includes Shared Transport name, business unit, site, bus, status, size, the list of agents who are participants in this Shared Transport, and their team names.

Policies Reports

Calendar Reports

  • Calendar Items Report—Summarizes agent rotating patterns, availabilities, days off, shifts, working hours, times off, and exceptions for the selected time range.
  • Time-Off Report—Lists all preferred, granted, declined, and scheduled time off in a selected time range for selected agents. Optionally includes time-off balances for all the time-off types selected.
  • Time-Off Balance Report—Displays time-off balances for time-off types.
  • Time-Off Management Report—Displays granted, preferred, declined, and scheduled time off. It includes time-off balances for all the time-off types selected.

Forecast Reports

  • Forecast Report—Forecast values for Calculated Staffing, Required Staffing, Interaction Volumes, Average Handling Time (AHT), Service Level, Average Speed of Answer (ASA), Percentage of Interactions Abandoned, and Maximum Occupancy. Shows these values for selected dates and selected targets (activities, multi-site activities, business units, or sites).
  • Forecast Graphs Report—Graphic presentation of forecast values for Calculated Staffing, Required Staffing, Interaction Volumes, and AHT. Graphs these values for selected dates and selected targets (activities or multi-site activities).

Performance Reports

Schedule Reports

  • Schedule States Report—Agent schedule states, organized by team.
  • Schedule State Totals Report—Total durations of scheduled states for agents, teams, or sites, over a selected period.
  • Individual Schedule Report—Paid hours and scheduled states for the selected agent.
  • Team Schedule Report—Total hours, paid hours, effective hours, and schedule state information for all agents on a selected team.
  • Activity Weekly Schedule Report—Total employment figures (full-time equivalents) for the selected activity, and paid, effective, and noneffective paid hours for each agent.
  • Weekly Schedule Reports—Weekly paid, effective, and noneffective hours for each agent on the selected team, as well as total hours (paid hours plus unpaid hours) for the team.
  • Weekly Schedule Coverage Report—Calculated (or Required) and Scheduled Staffing for a specific activity or site; difference between Calculated and Scheduled Staffing; and total staffing hours.  
  • Scheduled Budget Report—Regular, overtime, and total budgeted hours for each agent within a team.
  • Agent Comments Report—Comments entered for agents in the Comments text box of the schedule.
  • Schedule Validation Report—The Schedule Validation window's data in a report format. If the configuration settings lead to a disparity between the staffing requirements and the actual schedule, the Schedule Validation window records the problems. It also indicates what parameters need to be changed to correct the disparity.
  • Schedule Trade Report—Schedule trade participants (proposer and respondent), dates involved, approval status, approving supervisor, and comments.
  • Schedule Summary Report—Coverage, headcount; service level percentages; scheduled and forecasted for interaction volume, AHT, and budget. Optional columns include published coverage and the difference between schedule coverage based on the current Master Schedule and schedule coverage based on the baseline Master Schedule.
  • Schedule Marked Time Report—Agent marked time, organized by team.
  • Schedule Marked Time Totals Report—Total durations of marked time for agents, teams, or sites, over a selected period.
  • Schedule Bidding Report—Includes ranking system, agent, team, agent's relative position in the bidding process, agent's original bid number, and more.
  • Weekly Schedule Report—Includes date range, agent, paid hours, effective hours, non-effective hours, planning period hours, totals, and more.

Adherence Reports

Audit Reports

  • Calendar Audit Report—Insertion/deletion/editing of Calendar items. Also granting/declining Calendar items, and making Calendar items Preferred.
  • Schedule Audit Report—Publishing/cleanup, modification of Master Schedule including insertions, edits, and deletions.
  • Configuration Audit Report—Shows configuration object (data) types that have been associated with specific sites and users, including the SYSTEM user.
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