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Configure settings for sites that are associated with contracts.

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At the top of the Contracts pane, click Site Settings to open the pane and configure the following settings for a selected site:

Setting the minimum duration

  • Minimum Duration Between the End of the Day and Start of Next Working Day—Enter a time period in hours and minutes for the duration between the end of the current day and start of the next working day, or specify an unlimited duration by checking the Unlimited check box.
  • Minimum Duration Between the Start Times of Two Consecutive Working Days—Enter a time period in hours and minutes for the duration between the start times of two consecutive working days, or specify an unlimited duration by checking the Unlimited check box.

Choosing the schedule planning period type

  • Schedule Planning Period Type—Enables you to define a period of longer than a week that can be used to set up Contract constraints, such as number of paid hours and number of days off. The Schedule Planning Period options are: None, Monthly, Two Weeks, Three Weeks, Four Weeks, Five Weeks, and Six Weeks.
  • Start Date—Enter the date, on which the selected planning period begins.
The start date must correspond to the Week Start Day value that is configured for the business unit, to which the site is assigned. Future iterations of the Schedule Planning Period will start on the same day of the week. If you selected the Monthly option, this field will be unavailable, and future iterations of the Schedule Planning Period will start on the first day of each calendar month.

After you have configured these settings, click Save WM 851 icon-save.png .

To reconfigure these settings, you can click the Reset button.  Doing so, will reinstate the default settings and the Review Validation Messages pane opens, displaying the following warning message:

If you click Reset, all settings for Schedule Planning Period work hours and time off for all Contracts at this location will be deleted. New Schedule Planning Period settings will have to be entered manually. Do you want to continue?

If you click Reset, all previously entered Schedule Planning Period settings in the Contract Constraints and Day off and Weekend Rules panes are deleted, and you must reenter them for all Contracts in the affected site.

Click Close WM 851 icon close.png if you want to ignore the message or Apply WM 851 agent activities assign.png in the Review Validation Messages pane, if you want to reset the settings.

Advanced hours

Use the Advanced Hours option only if you are using Monthly schedule planning periods.  For information about Monthly schedule planning periods, see the schedule planning period types

Click this option to open the Advanced Hours pane, where you can define the contract's minimum and maximum hours.

The values in this pane override the standard contract hours. You can use these values if you have to customize monthly workloads to handle seasonal variations in staffing requirements.

If you set the value for a month to 0, the Contract constraints for monthly minimum and maximum working hours are used.

Review validation messages

If you make changes that do not pass validation, the Review Validation Messages pane is displayed, which includes a list of error and warning messages. These messages provide information about each constraint that is not compatible with this change or assignment.  See the figures below.

The Review Messages dialog provides three options (buttons):

  1. Proceed—Click to proceed with the change or assignment. (This button is disabled if the validation message is of type Error.)
  2. Cancel—Click to cancel the change or assignment.
  3. Help—Click to open a Help dialog for this topic.

WM 851 review validation mess.png
Figure:  Rotating Patterns Error Message

WM 851 contr rev valid mess.png
Figure: Assigning Contracts or Rotating Patterns Warning Messages

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